Ernest Hemingway's After the storm


Ernest Hemingway's After the storm

the story, plus the screenplay and a commentary by A. E. Hotchner

Carroll & Graf, 2001

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A. E. Hotchner did not come to the task of adapting Hemingway's seven-page short story "After the Storm" with apparent disadvantages. After all, he personally knew Ernest Hemingway; he had traveled with him to Paris, Pamplona, Venice, the Riviera. He had studied Hemingway's work and already adapted for the television or movie screen fifteen of the Nobel Prize--winning writer's works, including For Whom the Bell Tolls. Still, in the matter of adaptation, as Hotchner shows in the essay that opens this volume, close familiarity with an artist's work or personality does not necessarily simplify the challenge to the adapter. In addition to Hotchner's essay, which identifies the problems posed by adaptations of works not written for the screen, the book includes the complete texts of both Hemingway's story and the screenplay that converts it into a full-length feature film--making this volume invaluable to film students, movie fans, screenwriters, and Hemingway readers alike.

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