Practical analysis and design for client/server and GUI systems


    • Ruble, David A.


Practical analysis and design for client/server and GUI systems

David A. Ruble

(Yourdon Press computing series)

Yourdon Press : Prentice Hall, c1997


Practical analysis & design for client/server & GUI systems

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 507-509) and index



This is a practical and witty guide to the core competencies client/server and GUI designers really need - and the analysis and design techniques that really work.KEY TOPICS:The book lays the foundation for successful client/server and GUI analysis and design, presenting a universal methodology and practical techniques that all developers can use, regardless of the environment they work in. It helps analysts and users work together to define precisely measurable business objectives, explains event and information modeling in simple language, and shows in detail how to use models in successful design. It presents new guidance on client/server architectures, including hardware tiers, software layers, replication, and the pros and cons of fat clients vs. fat servers. The book also includes a detailed case study that builds on the techniques covered in this book to construct a real-world order entry and invoicing system. And don't miss "Dave's Top Ten Myths of Client/Server Development!"MARKET:Critical reading for developers, analysts, project managers, senior IT managers, testers, information architects, GUI developers, and other software professionals responsible for the success of a client/server project.


1. What Is Analysis and Design? 2. The Project Charter. 3. The Context Model. 4. The Event Model. 5. The Information Model. 6. The Interface Prototype. 7. Wrapping up the Analysis Phase. 8. The Architecture Model. 9. Relational Database Design. 10. Graphical User Interface Concepts. 11. External Interface Design. 12. Internal Component Design. 13. Ten Myths of Client/Server Development. Appendix: McVet Case Study. Glossary. Bibliography. Index.

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