Associated statehood in international law


Associated statehood in international law

by Masahiro Igarashi

(International law in Japanese perspective, v. 7)

Kluwer Law International, c2002

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Associated Statehood in international law has emerged as sui generis an international person on the international stage resulting primarily from the decolonization process promoted by the United Nations. This study examines the evolution of the concept of associated states in the context of decolonization, under the Charter of the United Nations. The discussion involves the reality of State practice, the process that brought each associated state into existence and an in-depth analysis of the United Nations talks concerning the arrangements of each association. Procedural and substantive elements of Associated States are considered in order to clarify the defining criteria for Associated Statehood identification. An examination of the problem surrounding treaty relations and the participation of Associated States in international organizations highlights vital conditions regarding their individual status. Lastly, the significance and value of the Association arrangements and their implications for the future are examined. Such a study of Associated Statehood may guide thinking on the future status of existing Non-Self-Governing Territories. More importantly, in an era which has witnessed the dissolution of States after the "Cold War", Associated Statehood has the very real potential of offering a solution to regional conflicts where secession is claimed - if only a transitional and concessive one.


Preface. List of Abbreviations. Table of Cases. Table of Treaties. I. Introduction. II. The Evolution of the Concept of the Associated State Under the United Nations Charter. III. The Cook Islands. IV. West Indies Associated States. V. Subsequent Developments in Law and Practice. VI. Micronesian Associated States. VII. Procedural Elements of Associated States. VIII. Substantial Elements of Associated States. IX. Associated States and External Affairs. X. Conclusions. Bibliography. Index.

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