Principles and procedures of plant breeding : biotechnological and conventional approaches


    • Chahal, G. S.
    • Gosal, S. S.


Principles and procedures of plant breeding : biotechnological and conventional approaches

G.S. Chahal ; S.S. Gosal

Alpha science international, c2002

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A book on modern plant breeding methods including the history of their development, current status and latest refinements especially through the application of biotechnology, describes breeding plans along with their genetic bases for each of the three distinct categories of crop plants i.e. self-pollinated, cross-pollinated and asexually propagated crops. Alternate approaches for the exploitation of heterosis and population improvement have been elaborated with the help of schematic diagrams. A detailed account of biometrical procedures in molecular biology for genetical analysis and improvement of quantitative traits through QTL-mapping along with a complete account of current status and future prospects of production of transgenic plants are the main attractions of this book.


Preface / Introduction / Reproduction in Crop Plants / Plant Genetic Resources-Origin, Conservation and Utilization / Genetic Basis and Application of Selection in Self-pollinated Crops / Mendelian Consequences of Planned Hybridization in Self-pollinated Crops / Quantitative Inheritance / The Analysis of Genotype-Environment Interactions / Application of Biometrical Genetics in Plant Breeding / Pedigree Method / Bulk Population Breeding Method / The Single Seed Descent Method / Backcross Method / Fertility Regulating Mechanisms / Genetic Basis of Hetrosis / Breeding for Hetrosis / Genetic Structure of Cross-pollinated Crops / Population Improvement in Cross Pollinated Crops / Population Improvement Methods / Synthetic and Composite Varieties / Breeding for Asexually Propagated Crops / Breeding for Resistance to Diseases and Insect Pests / Mutation Breeding / Polyploidy in Plant Breeding / Tissue Culture in Crop Improvement / Molecular Approaches to Crop Improvement / Genetic Transformation and Production of Transgenic Plants / Biometry in Relation to Molecular Biology in Plant Breeding/ Field Plot Techniques in Plant Breeding / Plant Breeder's Rights, Release and Multiplication of Varieties/ Glossary / Index

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