TrellixWeb : Web site creation kit


    • Collins, Corbin


TrellixWeb : Web site creation kit

Corbin Collins

Prentice Hall, c2001

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Trellix Web for Windows enables "mere mortals" to easily create, publish, and enhance their own high-quality Web sites -- without having to master HTML, FTP, or graphic design. Trellix Web is bundled with millions of PCs and digital cameras, and many leading ISPs and Web sites offer free versions. But it comes with virtually no printed documentation. Finally, there's a complete guide to making the most of Trellix Web: Trellix Web Web Site Creation Kit. This book gently guides Web novices through every step of Trellix Web site-building. This book gently guides Web novices through every step of Trellix Web site-building. Use the Web Wizard to publish a site in minutes. Learn how to use Trellix Web's customizable ready-made templates to choose attractive colors, images, and layouts; how to enter text and insert images of your own; and how to adapt Trellix Web's layouts to your own needs. Discover how to use Trellix Web's amazing "Web Gems" feature to add music, animations, custom forms, maps, e-commerce, up-to-the-minute weather reports, even money-making links -- instantly. You'll even find chapters on maintaining and publicizing your site. The accompanying CD-ROM contains a full, working, retail version of Trellix Web 2.7, which usually sells for $69.95. For millions of Web novices building their first Web sites with Trellix Web.


1. Web Publishing and Trellix Web. Planning Your Web Site. Jotting Stuff Down. Gathering Ideas. Gathering Content. Being Confident. Web Basics. What's in a Name. The Dreaded HTML. What's So Special About Trellix Web? Web Wizard. One-Step Publish. Web Gems. If They Can Do It. Summary. 2. Creating a Web Site. Starting Up and Getting Oriented. Creating a Site with the Web Wizard. Choosing a Type of Site. Naming the Site. Adding an Image. Choosing a "Look". Choosing and Naming the Pages. Changing Page Order. Entering Text. Adding a Web Gem. Saving Your File. Creating a Site Using a Template. Creating a Trellix Web File. Choosing a Template. Choosing a Design. Summary. 3. A Quick Tour of Trellix Web. Launching Trellix Web. Learn More. Start Working. The Menu Bar. The Standard Toolbar. The Format Toolbar. The Map. Body, Borders, and Links. Images. Resizing an Image. Image Formats. The Status Bar. Getting Help. Help Topics. Context-Sensitive Help. Screen Tips. Online Help Resources. Web Site Techniques Sample Site. Summary. 4. Modifying and Enhancing Your Site. Renaming Your Site. Planning Your Site. Renaming Pages. Adding Pages. Adding a Page by Creating a New Page. Adding a Page by Copying an Existing Page. Renaming Sub-Pages. Adding Sub-Pages. Adding Images. Adding Text. Adding Links. Internet Addresses. Adding an E-Mail Link. Adding a Link to Another Web Site. Adding a Link to Another Page on Your Site. Using Text from Other Programs. Adding a Web Gem. Spellchecking. Changing the Design. Summary. 5. Publishing Your Site. Previewing Your Site. Publishing with a Trellix Web Hosting Provider. Publishing with Your Own Hosting Provider. Summary. 6. Getting the Word Out. E-Mail. A Typical Announcement. Don't Spam. Trellix Member Sites Directory. Search Engines. How Search Engines Work. Submitting Your Site to Search Engines. Beyond Search Engines. Word of Mouth. Traditional Advertising. Online Media. Newgroups and E-Mail Lists. Web Rings, Link Exchanges, Banner Ads, and Affiliate Programs. Summary. 7. Web Gems. Promote Your Site. Mind-It Page Tracking. Mind-It Site Tracking. Trellix Web Clicks. Learn about Visitors to Your Site. Forms. Guestbooks. Counter and Superstats. Make Your Site Informative and Interactive. Build Your Own Web Gem. File Download. Mp3 Search. Lycos Search. Map Link. Password-Protected Link. Weather Magnet and Weather Viewer. Add Graphics, Music, and Video. Animated Image (Gif). Trellix Web Logo. Slides from Realslideshow. Sound and Video. Making Money from Your Site. Summary. 8. Pictures. Pictures on the Web. Trellix Web Image Formats. Acquiring Pictures. Clipart. Photographs. Creating a Photo Album. Resizing Photos. Cropping Photos. Moving Captions Around. Adding a Sequence of Photographs. Making Thumbnail-Sized Pictures. Gif Graphic Images. Transparent Gifs. Adding Animations. Adding a Background. Pictures and Text. Adding Margins around Pictures. Wrapping Text around Pictures. Summary. 9. Tables. Working with Tables. Inserting a Table. Selecting Parts of a Table. Formatting Text in Tables. Changing Table Properties. Merging Cells. Adding and Deleting Rows and Columns. Inserting a Table From a Word Processor. Tables as a Design Tool. Turning off Table Borders. Multi-Column Layouts. Adding Sidebars (Colored Areas). Adding Pictures to Tables. Publishing a Site with Tables, Not Frames. Summary. 10. Design Tips. Text: Fonts and Styles. Screen and Print Fonts. Point Size. Trellix Web Styles. Ten Rules of Web Design. Making Your Site Different. Turn on Different Borders. Modifying Page Layouts. Turning a Site into a New Design. Creating a New Page Layout from Scratch. Summary. 11. Links. How Links Look. Changing the Color of Links. Creating a Button Bar. Anchor Links and Navigation Links. Adding an Anchor Link. Navigation Links. Summary. 12. The Map. Changing the Map's Appearance. Floating the Map. Zooming in on the Map. Adding Labels to Map Elements. Adding Shapes to The Map. Publishing the Map. The Outline. The Overall Map. Summary. A. Installing Trellix Web from the Cd-Rom. B. Glossary. Index.

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