A feminist I : reflections from academia


A feminist I : reflections from academia

Christine Overall

Broadview Press, c1998

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 199-214)



Our universities are the locus of ongoing debates over the politics of gender, of class, of disadvantage and disability-and over the issue of "political correctness." In A Feminist I Christine Overall offers wide-ranging reflections from a first-person point of view on these issues, and on the politics of the modern university itself. In doing so she continually returns to underlying epistemological concerns. What are our assumptions about the ways in which knowledge is constructed? To what degree are our perceptions shaped by our social roles and identities? In the past generation feminists have led the way in recognising the importance of such questions, and recognising too the ways in which personal experience may be an invaluable reference point in academic theory and practice. But reliance on personal experience is fraught with problems; how is one to deal with tensions between the autobiographical and the analytic? This book points the way to resolving some of those tensions, and to fruitfully sustaining others. It is a book of considerable insight, warm humanity, and genuine importance.


Acknowledgments Introduction: A Feminist Od(d)yssey Role Muddles Women and Men in Education A Tale of Two Classes Nowhere at Home Feeling Fraudulent Passing for Normal Personal Histories, Social Identities, and Feminist Philosophical Inquiry References

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