The free person and the free economy : a personalist view of market economics


    • Santelli, Anthony J.


The free person and the free economy : a personalist view of market economics

by Anthony J. Santelli Jr. ... [et al.]

(Religion, politics, and society in the new millennium)(Lexington books)(Foundations of economic personalism)

Lexington Books, c2002

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 131-137) and index



Foundations of Economic Personalism is a series of three book-length monographs, each closely examining a significant dimension of the Center for Economic Personalism's unique synthesis of Christian personalism and free-economic market theory. In the aftermath of the momentous geo-political and economic changes of the late 1980s, a small group of Christian social ethicists began to converse with free-market economists over the morality of market activity. This interdisciplinary exchange eventually led to the founding of a new academic subdiscipline under the rubric of economic personalism. These scholars attempt to integrate economic theory, history, and methodology with Christian personalism's stress upon human dignity, humane social structures, and social justice. This final volume in the series systematically applies the praxeological (from the first volume) and theoretical (from the second volume) foundations of the personalist tradition to free-market economic theory. Unlike the previous two, this work defends economic liberty in theologically sensitive terms that reference the personalist tradition, without compromising the disciplinary integrity of either economics or social ethics.


Part 1 What is Economic Personalism? Chapter 2 An Introduction to Economic Personalism Chapter 3 Previous Syntheses of Moral Theology and Economics Part 4 An Integrated Theory of Human Action Chapter 5 Economic Value and Moral Value Chapter 6 Human Action: Morality Chapter 7 Human Action: The Market Chapter 8 Human Capital Part 9 The Moral Significance of Economic Liberty Chapter 10 Economic Liberty Chapter 11 Economics and Community Chapter 12 Conclusion

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