Investments : a global perspective


Investments : a global perspective

Jack Francis, Roger Ibbotson

Prentice Hall, c2002

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For undergraduate and MBA investments courses. This book brings together the latest developments in investments, education, and computer software. It is written in a modular fashion for instructor flexibility in covering material in a sequence that accommodates their needs.* International viewpoint - Chapters 6, Global Stock Markets, Chapter 17, Foreign Exchange, Chapter 18, Global Investing, and Chapter 19, Global Bond Markets. * Importance of security price indexes - Covered in 3 chapters: Chapter 10, Creating Price Indexes; Chapter 11, Selected Market Indexes - Presents domestic and international indexes; Chapter 12, Using Indexes - Discusses index mutual funds, index options, and index future contracts. * Interactive study Guide - Complete with Ibbotson Associates data ( * Coverage of Electronic Communications Networks (ECNs) and related developments. * Familiarizes students with new developments such as order working systems, international electronic trading books, and more. * Non-mathematical explanation of various risks associated with bond investments. * Provides students with non-intimidating discussion of duration, convexity, credit risk, sovereign risk, foreign exchange risk, and more. * Four views are reflected - Discusses the existence of one securities market: the global market; explains in-depth the important role of price indexes; explores the ways in which technology is reshaping investing; and discusses the powerful influence of the Internet and provides a rich and elaborate website to accompany the text.


I. INTRODUCTION. 1. Investment Setting. 2. Rates of Return. 3. Investment Values. 4. Financial Analysis. 5. Primary Securities. 6. Global Stock Markets. 7. Statistical Analysis of Investments. 8. Efficient Capital Markets and Anomalies. 9. Futures and Options. II. INVESTMENT INDEXES. 10. Creating Price Indexes. 11. Selected Market Indexes. 12. Using Indexes. III. PORTFOLIO THEORY. 13. Asset Allocation. 14. Portfolio Analysis. 15. The CAPM and APT. 16. Portfolio Performance Evaluation. IV. INTERNATIONAL INVESTING. 17. Foreign Exchange. 18. Global Investing. V. FIXED INCOME INVESTMENTS. 19. Global Bond Markets. 20. Market Interest Rates. 21. Interest Rate Risk and Horizon Risk. 22. Credit Risk. VI. EQUITY SHARES. 23. Stock Valuation--A Microview. 24. Measuring Earning Power. 25. Stock Valuation Issues. 26. Technical Analysis. VII. DERIVATIVES AND ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENTS. 27. Futures. 28. Options. 29. Alternative Investments. VIII. INDEXES. IX. TABLES.

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