War and remembrance in the twentieth century


War and remembrance in the twentieth century

edited by Jay Winter and Emmanuel Sivan

(Studies in the social and cultural history of modern warfare, 5)

Cambridge University Press, 2000

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"First paperback edition 2000"--T.p. verso

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How war has been remembered collectively is the central question in this volume. War in the twentieth century is a vivid and traumatic phenomenon which left behind it survivors who engage time and time again in acts of remembrance. This volume, containing essays by outstanding scholars of twentieth-century history, focuses on the issues raised by the shadow of war in this century. The behaviour, not of whole societies or of ruling groups alone, but of the individuals who do the work of remembrance, is discussed by examining the traumatic collective memory resulting from the horrors of the First World War, the Spanish Civil War, the Second World War, and the Algerian War. By studying public forms of remembrance, such as museums and exhibitions, literature and film, the editors have succeeded in bringing together a volume which demonstrates that a popular kind of collective memory is still very much alive.


  • Introduction Emmanuel Sivan and Jay Winter
  • 1. Setting the framework Emmanuel Sivan and Jay Winter
  • 2. Forms of kinship and remembrance in the aftermath of the Great War Jay Winter
  • 3. War, death and remembrance in Soviet Russia Catherine Merridale
  • 4. Agents of memory: Spanish Civil War veterans and disabled soldiers Paloma Aguilar
  • 5. Children as war victims in postwar European cinema Pierre Sorlin
  • 6. From survivor to witness: voices from the Shoah Annette Wieviorka
  • 7. Landscapes of loss: little Tokyo in Los Angeles Dolores Hayden
  • 8. The Algerian war in French collective memory Antoine Prost
  • 9. Private pain and public remembrance in Israel Emmanuel Sivan
  • 10. Personal narratives and commemoration Samuel Hynes
  • 11. Against consolation: Walter Benjamin and the refusal to mourn Martin Jay.

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