Pain management : practical guide for clinicians


Pain management : practical guide for clinicians

executive editor, Richard S. Weiner

CRC Press, c2002

6th ed

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Includes bibliographical references and index




This authoritative reference, the Sixth Edition of an internationally acclaimed bestseller, offers the most up-to-date information available on multidisciplinary pain diagnosis, treatment, and management. Pain Management: A Practical Guide for Clinicians is a compilation of literature written by members of The American Academy of Pain Management, the largest multidisciplinary society of pain management professionals in North America and the largest physician-based pain society in the United States. This unique reference covers both traditional and alternative approaches and discusses the pain of children as well as adult and geriatric patients. It includes approximately 60 new chapters and each chapter is written to allow the reader to read independently topics of interest and thus may be viewed as a self-contained study module. The collection of chapters allows an authoritative self-study on many of the pressing issues faced by pain practitioners. Regardless of your specialty or medical training or whether you are in a large hospital or a small clinic, if you work with patients in need of pain management, this complete reference is for you.


Pain in Perspective. Elements of Multidisciplinary Pain Management. Treatment of Commonly Occurring Pain Syndromes. Specialty Approaches to Pain Management Through Team Management. Approaches to Chronic and Acute Pain. Specialty Concerns. Work Disability and Return to Work. Physical Therapy, Manual Medicine, and Electromedicine. Behavioral, Social, and Spiritual Concerns and Aspects of Pain Management. Legal Considerations. Future Trends.

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