Signals, switches, regulons and cascades : control of bacterial gene expression


Signals, switches, regulons and cascades : control of bacterial gene expression

edited by D.A. Hodgson, C.M. Thomas

(Symposia of the Society for General Microbiology, 61)

Cambridge University Press, 2002

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"Sixty-first Symposium of the Society for General Microbiology held at Warwick University, April 2002."

"Published for the Society of General Microbiology."

Includes bibliogaphical references and index



DNA sequencing has provided a wealth of information on the genetic material stored in bacterial genomes. The use of DNA arrays and proteomics will transform the scale of our ability to describe the patterns of gene expression as bacteria respond to their environments. However, the ability to control bacteria in a clinical context or exploit them in industrial or environmental contexts also depends on understanding the regulatory mechanisms which connect input experience to output response at the genetic level. This book deals with our current knowledge of the circuits and networks that govern bacterial gene expression - from the single gene to the whole genome - and which provide the framework for explaining the data from the post genomics revolution.


  • Editor's preface
  • 1. Microbial reaction to environment: bacterial stress responses revisited in the genomic-proteomic era F. C. Neidhardt
  • 2. Gene variation and gene regulation in bacterial pathogenesis D. Hood and R. Moxon
  • 3. DNA topology and regulation of bacterial gene expression C. J. Dorman
  • DNA rearrangements and regulation of gene expression I. C. Blomfield
  • 4. Structures of multisubunit DNA-dependent RNA polymerases R. D. Finn, E. V. Orlova, M. van Heel and M. Buck
  • 5. The ECF sigma factors of Streptomyces coelicolor A3(2) M. S. B. Paget, H-J. Hong, M. Bibb and M. J. Buttner
  • 6. Secrets of bacterial transcription initiation taught by the Escherichia coli FNR protein D. Browning, D. Lee, J. Green and S. Busby
  • 7. What can be learned from the LacR family of Escherichia coli? B. Muller-Hill
  • 8. Regulation of the L-arabinose operon in Escherichia coli R. Schleif
  • 9. Transcription termination control in bacteria T. M. Henkin
  • 10. Antisense RNAs in programmed cell death K. Gerdes
  • 11. Control of signal transduction in the sporulation phosphorelay J. A. Hoch
  • 12. A stranglehold on a transcriptional activator by its partner regulatory protein - the case of the NifL-NifA two-component regulatory system R. Dixon
  • 13. Is anybody here? Cooperative bacterial gene regulation via peptide signals between Gram-positive bacteria D. A. Morrison
  • 14. Quorum sensing in Gram-negative bacteria: global regulons controlled by cell-density-dependent chemical signalling N. A. Whitehead, A. K. P. Harris, P. Williams and G. P. C. Salmond
  • Index.

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