The making of modern Korea


The making of modern Korea

Adrian Buzo

(Asia's transformations / edited by Mark Selden)

Routledge, 2002

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This fully updated second edition of The Making of Modern Korea provides a thorough, balanced and engaging history of Korea from 1910 to the present day. The text is unique in placing emphasis on Korea's regional and geographical context, through which Buzo analyzes the influence of bigger and more powerful states on the peninsula of Korea. Key features of the book include: comprehensive coverage of Korean history up-to-date analysis of important contemporary developments, including North Korea's controversial missile and nuclear tests comparative focus on North and South Korea an examination of Korea within its regional context a detailed chronology and suggestions for further reading. The Making of Modern Korea is a valuable one-volume resource for students of modern Korean history, international politics and Asian Studies.


Introduction 1. Joined to the Empire 1910-1931 2. The Dark Gulf 1931-1945 3. Bitter Liberty 1945-48 4. The Supreme Disaster 1948-1953 5. The Mastery of Despair 1953-71 6. Reversal of Fortunes 1971-1980 7. Divergent Courses 1980-1992 8. Hallowed by the Price 1992-2006 9. Major Events 1910-2006

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