.NET e-Business architecture


.NET e-Business architecture

Don Benage, product manager ; Jody Socha, Program manager; Robert Amar ... [et al.]

Sams, c2002

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Includes index.

Written by author team at G. A. Sullivan; on cover: David Burgett, Matthew Baute, John Picket, Eric Brown.



This book is written for architects and developers preparing to design and build enterprise-scale e-business applications using Microsoft's Visual Studio.NET and .NET Framework. It will guide technical architects and software developers through the design and development of a fully-featured e-commerce application, the gasTIX online ticketing system, using the .NET suite of technologies. Along the way, key concepts behind new .NET products such as C#, Visual Basic .NET, Visual C++ .NET, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, and Web Services are explained. The author team, consisting of several talented G.A. Sullivan consultants, has combined experience equaling tens of years in the trenches with the various releases of Microsoft Visual Studio. The fully-functional live sample application built for the book can be seen at www.gasullivan.com


I. PRELIMINARIES AND PLANNING. 1. .NET-The Big Picture. 2. gasTIX: A Sample .NET e-Business. 3. Enabling Inter-Application Communications. II. DESIGNING .NET E-BUSINESS SOLUTIONS. 4. Tools of the Trade. 5. Implementing .NET Presentation Services. 6. Implementing .NET Business Services. 7. Implementing .NET Data Services. 8. Handling Security. 9. COM+ Integration. III. BUILDING .NET E-BUSINESS SITES. 10. Event Searching. 11. Purchasing a ticket. 12. Fulfillment/Order History. IV. TESTING AND DEPLOYING .NET SITES. 13. Debugging a .NET Application. 14. Integration and Performance Testing in .NET. 15. Deploying the Application.

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