Direct access futures : a complete guide to trading electronically


    • Silverman, David I.


Direct access futures : a complete guide to trading electronically

David I. Silvermann ; with a foreword by James J. McNulty

Wiley, c2002

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Bibliography: p. 271-272

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Make optimal use of the new futures trading technologies Direct access, the democratizing force that transformed stock trading in the 1990s, has come to the futures industry in a big way. With the advent of a new electronic futures trading infrastructure, everyone-from the former pit boss, to the hedge fund manager, to the individual investor working from home-has equal and instantaneous access to futures markets in six continents. To survive and thrive in the futures markets, experienced and novice futures traders alike need to educate themselves with the ins and outs of the electronic trading environment. Silverman, former board member of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange who has successfully made the transition from trading on the floor to trading electronically, acquaints readers with his proven strategies for playing both the long and short sides of the futures market and profiting in all market conditions.


Foreword Introduction: The Impact of Technology on Futures Trading 1 Direct Access 2 Discussions about Direct Acess 3 The Case for Futures Trading 4 The Exchanges 5 Software 6 Stock Index Futures 7 Foreign Exchange 8 Treasury Futures 9 Becoming a Successful Trader 10 Twenty-five Frequently Asked Questions about Electronic Trading Appendix A: Glossary Appendix B: Index Components: S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 Appendix C: Contract Specifications: S&P and Nasdaq Futures Contracts Appendix D: Tax Treatment of Futures Appendix E: The Investor's Bill of Rights Appendix F: Using the World Wide Web Appendix G: Suggested Reading Index

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