Juan Muñoz : Double Bind at Tate Modern


Juan Muñoz : Double Bind at Tate Modern

Tate Pub., c2001

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Exhibition catalogue

"Published by order of the Tate Trustees 2001 on the occasion of the exhibition at Tate Modern, London, 12 June 2001 to 10 February 2002" -- p. 119



This beautifully illustrated book documents the second commisssion in the Unilever Sculpture Series, for which the Spanish artist Juan Munoz is devising an installation specifically for Tate Modern's Turbine Hall. Born in Madrid in 1953, Munoz is internationally renowned for sculptural installations in which he situates the human figure within elaborate or complex architectural settings. These spaces are created using elements such as patterned floors, balconies and furniture. By a highly considered placement of figures, the artist entices the viewer into an engagement with the implied dramas unravelling within. Munoz's cast of characters includes dwarfs, ventriloquist's dummies, ballerinas and circus performers. His work makes reference to earlier art, such as the paintings of Velasquez and classical sculpture, as well as to the films of Luis Bunuel.


An introduction by Susan May to the work of Juan Munoz is followed by an anthology of texts and images that have informed Munoz's thinking in the evolution of the Turbine Hall project. These will be in the form of photographs and drawings by the artist, facsimiles of newspaper clippings, magazine articles and passages from selected novels. These will build into a sketchbook of ideas that convey the process of making art. Full colour photographs of the final installation will be included throughout, as well as a biography and bibliography of the artist.

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