World energy resources


World energy resources

Charles E. Brown

Springer, c2002

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World Energy Resources is an explanatory energy survey of the countries and major regions of the world, their geographic and economic settings, and signif- icant inter-relationships. This book attempts to combine several interacting energy themes that encompass a historical development, energy issues and forecasts, economic geography, environmental programs, and world energy use. The main thrust of this book -World Energy Resources - is based on princi- ples of energy science, applied geology, geophysics, and other environmental sciences as they relate to the exploration, exploitation, and production of resources in this country and throughout the world. This work is an analysis of the United States (USA) and world oil, gas, coal, and alternative energy resources and their associated issues, forecasts, and related policy. This book could not have been attempted without a broad geological exposure and international ge- ographic awareness. Much information is scattered among federal and state agencies, schools, and other institutions, and this book has attempted to com- bine some of the vast information base. This attempt can only skim the infor- mation surface at best, but its regional and topical coverage is broad in scope. Part I introduces conventional energy resources and their historical develop- ments, and includes chapters 1 to 7. The basic concepts and supporting facts on energy sources are presented here for the general education of energy analysts, policy makers, and scientists that desire a brief review of advanced technologies and history.


I Introduction to Primary Energy - Nonrenewable Sources.- 1 Introduction to World Energy.- 2 Historical Perspective of Energy.- 3 World Primary Energy Overview.- 4 World Coal Resources.- 5 Nuclear Energy.- 6 Hydroelectric Power.- 7 Meeting Future Demands for Energy Resources.- II Renewable Energy Sources and Alternative Energy Technologies.- 8 Geothermal Energy.- 9 Solar Energy.- 10 Wind Energy.- 11 Advanced Alternative Energy Sources.- 12 Nonrenewable Alternative Energy Resources and Technologies.- 13 Environmental Issues and Concerns in Energy.- 14 History of World Energy Program Policies.- III United States - Energy Forecasts and Modeling.- 15 Energy Modeling Approach and Assumptions.- 16 U.S. Energy Forecasts and Modeling.- 17 USA Energy Demand and World Markets.- 18 USA Electricity Demand and Markets.- 19 USA Oil and Natural Gas Consumption Forecasts.- 20 Coal Market Forecasts and Analysis.- IV World Regional Energy Overview.- 21 Regional Overview - North America and Latin America.- 22 The Middle East.- 23 Antarctica and Canada.- 24 Latin America.- 25 Europe and Central Eurasia.- 26 Africa.- 27 Asia and Pacific.- References.- Appendix I. Conversion Table of Energy Units.- Author Index.

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