In their time : a history of feminism in Western society


In their time : a history of feminism in Western society

Marlene LeGates

Routledge, 2001

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 377-394) and index



Marlene LeGates has written a thorough, lively and accessible overview of Western feminist movements from the Middle Ages through the latter twentieth century. With each chapter containing a timeline and brief excerpts from primary source documents, the text serve as an ideal basis for a history of feminism or women's studies course, or as a supplementary text in a broader women's history or western civilization course.


1. Feminism and Patriarchy: An Introduction 2. From Jesus to Joan of Arc 3. The Impact of the Renaissance: Women, Learning and the Creative Arts 4. Religion, Politics, and Literature in Early Modern Europe 5. Revolution in Philosophy and Politics 6. Radicals and Reformers 7. The Beginnings of First-Wave Feminism 8. Issues in First-Wave Feminism 9. Wartime and Inter-war Feminism 10. The Origins of the Second Wave Conclusion. Index.

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