4Q Pesher Nahum : a critical edition


    • Doudna, Gregory L


4Q Pesher Nahum : a critical edition

Gregory L. Doudna

(Journal for the study of the Pseudepigrapha : supplement series, 35 . Copenhagen International Series ; 8)

Sheffield Academic Press, c2001

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"Copenhagen International Seminar, 8" --On jacket

Includes index



4Q Pesher Nahum, long considered one of the most important Qumran texts for understanding the historical context of the Dead Sea Scrolls, is the focus of this critical study. The author presents new readings and undertakes extensive analysis and reconstruction of broken text. Areas of focus include text-critical implications for the biblical text of Nahum, scribal practices, and formal and composition patterns common throughout the Qumran Pmesharim. One of the contraversial aspects of the study is a challenge to accepted thought; that the mysterious "Lion of Wrath" figure of the text has nothing to do with the Hasmonaean king Alexander Jannaeus. Rather, this study argues that Pesher Nahum portrays a coming conquest from the "Kittim", and the "Lion of Wrath" is to be understood within well-known biblical motifs of a Nebuchadnezzar-like foreign invader coming to deliver the wrath of God upon a sinful Israel.

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