Pipe Rolls to Cartae Baronum


Pipe Rolls to Cartae Baronum

K.S.B. Keats-Rohan

(Domesday descendants : a prosopography of persons occurring in English documents, 1066-1166 / K.S.B. Keats-Rohan, 2)

Boydell Press, 2002

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 1145-1169)



This second volume of persons named in English records between 1066 and 1166 follows on from its predecessor Domesday People: [Of] undoubted importance...in understanding the nature of Norman aristocratic society and the forceswithin it... a monumental effort. HISTORY Drawn from extensive and wide-ranging research in British and French archives, the 7500 entries in this volume provide the first authoritative prosopographical key to over 60,000 names found in English administrative documents such as the Pipe Rolls and the Cartae Baronum, as well as various Surveys and thousands of royal and private charters. Both volumes focus upon regional origin, family, and the descent of fees, and together they provide the most complete view to date of the people responsible for the conquest and colonization of England. Dr K.S.B. KEATS-ROHAN is Director of the Linacre Unit for Prosopographical Research and Fellow of the European Humanities Research Centre, University of Oxford.


INTRODUCTION Prefatory Remarks: Domesday People to Domesday Descendants Normans, non-Normans, Nobles and New Men: Social Elites in England 1066-1135 Genealogical Tables Descendants of William I Malet The family of Lancaster or Taillebois Descent of the honour of Belvoir from Robert de Tosny The descendants of Halenald I de Bidun The honours of Salisbury and Crick The Subligny family The Hastings family The FitzGerold family DOMESDAY DESCENDANTS: PIPE ROLLS TO CARTAE BARONUM Principles of the Prosopography Look-up Tables for Standardized Name Forms used in the Prosopography I. Forenames II. Surnames and family names III. Names of religious houses The Prosopography Bibliography: Printed Authorities and Abbreviations Cited in the Prosopography

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