Valuing cultural heritage : applying environmental valuation techniques to historic buildings, monuments and artifacts



Valuing cultural heritage : applying environmental valuation techniques to historic buildings, monuments and artifacts

edited by Ståle Navrud, Richard C. Ready

E. Elgar, c2002

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What value do we place on our cultural heritage, and to what extent should we preserve historic and culturally important sites and artefacts from the ravages of weather, pollution, development and use by the general public? This innovative book attempts to answer these important questions by exploring how non-market valuation techniques - used extensively in environmental economics - can be applied to cultural heritage. The book includes twelve comprehensive case studies that estimate public values for a diverse set of cultural goods, including English cathedrals, Bulgarian monasteries, rock paintings in Canada, statues in the US, and a medieval city in Africa. The authors demonstrate the potential utility of these techniques, and highlight the important social values that cultural heritage can generate. Given limited resources, such studies can help set priorities and aid the decision making process in terms of their preservation, restoration and use. The authors conclude by reviewing the majority of cultural valuation studies done to date, and draw some general conclusions about the results achieved and the potential benefits, as well as the limitations, of valuing these types of goods. This highly original book will be of great use and interest to academics in the fields of environmental, resource, and cultural economics, as well as NGOs and policymakers involved in cultural heritage at the national, international and global level.


Contents Preface PART I INTRODUCTION 1 Why value cultural heritage? Richard C. Ready and Stale Navrud 2 Methods for valuing cultural heritage Richard C. Ready and Stale Navrud PART II CASE STUDIES 3 Social costs and benefits of preserving and restoring the Nidaros Cathedral Stale Navrud and Jon Strand 4 Northumbria: castles, cathedrals and towns Guy Garrod and Kenneth G. Willis 5 Valuing the impacts of air pollution on Lincoln Cathedral Marilena Pollicino and David Maddison 6 Preserving cultural heritage in transition economies: a contingent valuation study of Bulgarian monasteries Susana Mourato, Andreas Kontoleon and Alexi Danchev 7 Valuing different road options for Stonehenge David Maddisson and Susana Mourato 8 The contribution of aboriginal rock paintings to wilderness recreation values in North America Peter Boxall, Jeffrey Englin and Wiktor Adamowicz 9 Economic benefits to foreigners visiting Morocco accruing from the rehabilitation of the Fes Medina Richard T. Carson, Robert C. Mitchell and Michael B. Conaway 10 Component and temporal value reliability in cultural goods: the case of Roman Imperial remains near Naples Patrizia Riganti and Kenneth G. Willis 11 Valuing reduced acid deposition injuries to cultural resources: marble monuments in Washington, D.C. Edward R. Morey, Kathleen Greer Rossmann, Lauraine G. Chestnut and Shannon Ragland 12 Valuing cultural services in Italian museums: a contingent valuation study Marina Bravi, Riccardo Scarpa and Gemma Sirchia 13 A contingent valuation study of the Royal Theatre in Copenhagen Trine Bille 14 Individual preferences and allocation mechanisms for a cultural public good: "Napoli Musei Aperti" Walter Santagata and Giovanni Signorello PART III REVIEW OF STUDIES 15 Review of existing studies, their policy use and future research needs David Pearce, Susana Mourato, Stale Navrud and Richard C. Ready Index

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