Eisenhower's lieutenants : the campaign of France and Germany, 1944-1945


Eisenhower's lieutenants : the campaign of France and Germany, 1944-1945

Russell F. Weigley

Indiana University Press, c1981

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Includes bibliographical references and index



The publication of "Eisenhower's Lieutenants" is an event of significance in American military writing...admirable ...clearly the product of exhaustive, painstaking research. - "The New York Times Book Review". " ...the best account we have of the World War II campaigns from Normandy to the Elbe." - "American Historical Review". " ...precisely informative and broadly rewarding." - "Kirkus Reviews". " ...an outstanding and highly recommended work." - "Journal of American History". " ...by the dean of American military historians ..." - "Washington Post Bookworld". Contents include: Preface; Part One: The Armies; Part Two: Normandy; Part Three: France; Part Four: The Disputed Middle Ground; Part Five: Germany; Epilogue; Notes and Sources; Index.


Preface Part One: The Armies 1. The American Army Mobility and Power The Strategy of Power 2. Weapons and Divisions The Tanks Tank Killers The Limits of American Manpower Mobility and Power in Armor Tanks for European Battle The Infantry The Germans 3. The View of the Far Shore Amphibious Assault The High Command The Contentin and the Calvados Some God-Damned Things Called LSTs Neptune Beyond the Beaches Ultra 4. By Air and by Sea Overlord and Air Power: Questions Strategic and Moral The Vengeance Weapons Bridge-Busting Neptune Takes to the Air Air and the Strategy of the Ground Armies To Cross the Channel Part Two: Normandy 5. The Beach Omaha General Bradley The Question of American Military Skill and Experience The Fight up from Omaha Utah The Defense 6. Cherbourg and Caumont The Battle of the Cotentin The Battle of the Buildup The Caumont Gap 7. The Bocage The Breakout Issue Caen Hostile Terrain and Armies The Battle of the Cotentin Plain Caen Again The Birth of the Cobra The Battle of St. Lo 8. Cobra Goodwood The Cobra Strikes Breakout Cobra Dissected The Eastern Flank 9. The Crossroads South of Avranches Pursuit Turning the Corner Brittany Part Three: France 10. The Short Envelopment The Battle of Mortain The Battle of the Argentan-Falaise Pocket Toward the Seine The Battle of Chambois 11. The Riviera the the Rhone Anvil-Dragoon The Battle of Provence The Battle of Montelimar Consolidating a Mediterranean Base Toward the Belfort Gap 12. The Seine Patton and the Whole Art of War The Long Envelopment To Troyes, Fontainebleau, and Montereau Paris 13. The Meuse The Miracle of the West The Vengeance Weapons Again The Single Thrust To Verdun and St. Mihiel 14. The Twin Tyrants: Logistics... How Much and How Far? The Mons Pocket Strategy and Logistics The Battle of Brest 15. ..and Time The Field Marshal Vertical Envelopment Auguries The Americans Reach the West Wall Into the West Wall Part Four: The Disputed Middle Ground 16. Holland The Battle for Arnhem Market-Garden Assessed 17. Attack in the Ardennes (I) The First Battle of the Schnee Eifel The Battle of Wallendorf 18. Lorraine (I) Arnaville and Gravelotte The Battle of Nancy The Battle of Dompaire The Battle of Arracourt Patton in September The Allied Right Flank 19. The Reich Frontiers The Estuary of the Scheldt The Balance of Strength The Battle of Aachen The First Battle of the Huertgen Forest 20. Autumn Interlude Manpower Guns and Shells The Air Arm 21. Lorraine (II) Metz and the Lorraine Gateway From the Cote de Delme to Faulquemont The Taking of La Pucelle To the Sarre River 22. Alsace Belfort and Strasbourg The Battles of Rauwiller and Barendorf Seventh Army to the Maginot Line and the West Wall 23. Huertgen Forest and Roer Plain The Battle of the Hamich Corridor The Second Battle of the Huertgen Forest Into the Roer Plain 24. On the Eve of a Breakthrough The Roer Dams The Monschau Corridor The Saar Great Expectations 25. The Breakthrough The Second Battle of the Schnee Eifel The Skyline Drive Paris, Luxembourg, and Spa 26. The Doctrinal Response From the Our to the Wiltz The Northeastern Shoulder The Valley of the Ambleve The Road Junctions The Battle of St. Vith 27. The Precarious Balance Stoumont and Stavelot Patton into the Battle Montgomery into an American Headquarters 28. The Battles of Christmastide The Salm and the Ourthe The Death Struggle of Kampfgruppe Peiper The Battle of Bastogne PattonOs March from Luxembourg Reserves Weak and Strong The Battle of Manhay The Last Lunge toward Dinant 29. Attack in the Ardennes (II) Counterattack or Counteroffensive The Battle of the Bastogne Corridor A Southern Diversion The Destruciton of the Bulge The Morning After 30. OInadequate MeansO Reinforcements Reserves The Enemy at Bay Part Five: Germany 31. The Eifel Uncertainty in the High Command Against Snow and the West Wall The Battles of Prum and Bitburg The Battle of Trier 32. Two Tumors Excised: Colmar and the Roer Dams The Colmar Pocket The Battle of the Roer Dams Grenade at the Ready 33. To the Rhine Grenade Grenade Exploited--to a Point The Battle of the Wesel Pocket The Battle of the Cologne Plain The Battle of the Hohe Eifel 34. The Crossing of the Rhine Remagen The Battle of the Remagen Bridgehead The Battles of the Saar and the Palatinate MontgomeryOs Mighty Crossing (I) Crossing on the Run MontgomeryOs Mighty Crossing (II) 35. Eastward from the Rhine Varsity The Battle of the Wesel Bridgehead The Battle of the Rhine Gorge The Hammelburg Affair La Revanche 36. The Legions on the Rhine Black Fighting Men Unclogging the Replacement Pipeline Pass the Ammunition The Lines of Communication Armies and Leaders 37. The Ruhr Breakout from Remagen The Envelopment The Battle of the Ruhr Pocket 38. Berlin The Decison of the Supreme Commander To the Elbe The Last River (I) Flak Alley The Last River (II) 39. The National Redoubt The Battle of the Neckar The Battle of Nurnberg Patton Turns Southward Troublesome Allies Into the Redoubt 40. The Elbe, the Moldau, and the Brenner Pass Strehla To the Baltic Sea Czechoslovakia Surrender Epilogue Notes and Sources Index

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