Schuster atlas of gastrointestinal motility in health and disease



Schuster atlas of gastrointestinal motility in health and disease

Marvin M. Schuster, Michael D. Crowell, Kenneth L. Koch

BC Decker, 2002

2nd ed.

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The field of motility continues to evolve rapidly. The "Schuster Atlas of Gastrointestinal Motility" has an expanded scope both in depth and breadth from the first edition. It includes more information in areas covered by the first edition, as well as new discoveries in previously unexplored areas. In keeping with the traditional concept of an Atlas, this text focuses on descriptions of techniques using graphic pictorial tracings to illustrate diagnostic and therapeutic applications of motility studies in clinical disorders. The book is intended to help health care providers further their appreciation and understanding of gastrointestinal motility and its, disorders, enhance their diagnostic accuracy and thereby improve the treatment of patients with motility disorders of the digestive tract.


PHYSIOLOGICAL BASIS OF GASTROINTESTINAL MOTILITY 1 Myoelectric and Contractile Activities of the Gastrointestinal Tract Sarna, Zablocki 2 Neural and Humoral Regulation of Gastrointestinal Motility Wood 3 Brain-Gut Interactions in Visceral Sensation and Perception Crowell MOTILITY TESTS FOR THE GASTROINTESTINAL TRACT The Esophagus: Normal Function & Clinical Disorders 4 Oropharyngeal Manometry and Cinefluoroscopy Ravich 5 Esophageal Manometry Castell, Gidgeon, Castell 6 Sensory Testing DeVault 7 Scintigraphy Maurer, Parkman, Fisher 8 Ultrasound Mittal 9 pH Testing Charan, Gideon, Katz The Stomach: Normal Function and Clinical Disorders 10 Manometry Lacy, Koch, Crowell 11 Barostat Fernan 12 Scintigraphy Maurer, Parkman, Knight, Fisher 13 Electrogastrography Koch 14 Stable Isotope Breath Test and Gastric Emptying Kim, Camilleri The Small Intestine: Normal Function and Clinical Disorders 15 Manometry Kellow 16 Scintigraphy Prather, Camilleri Colorectal: Normal Function and Clinical Disorders 17 Manometry Bassotti, Crowell 18 Barostat in the Colon Delvaux 19 Radiopaque Markers and Transit deVroede 20 Scintigraphy Prather, Camilleri Retrosphincteric: Normal Function and Clinical Disorders 21 Manometry Wald 22 Ultrasound Eckardt, Konerding, Enck Other Conditions Related to Motility Dysfunction 23 Gall Bladder and Biliary Tract Hogan, Shaker 24 Dysautonomia Khurana 25 Postoperative Motility Disorders Pemberton 26 Effect of Sleep and Circadian Rhythms Orr 27 Motility as a Therapeutic Modality Whitehead 28 Motility as and Pharmacologic Therapies Galligan 29 Pediatric Gastrointestinal Motility DiLorenzo Surgical Therapies 30 Gastroesophageal Balaji, Peters 31 Gastric and Small Bowel Kauffman 32 Colonic and Anorectal Kaufman 33 Future Directions in Gastrointestinal Motility Schuster, Crowell, Koch

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