• White, Richard J. (Richard John)



edited by Richard White

(The international library of critical essays in the history of philosophy)

Ashgate, c2002

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Nietzsche described himself as a godless anti-metaphysician. These writings encourage the student to question any reading that fails to address Nietzsche's sense of irony with respect to his own philosophical claims. The anthology includes the best recent writings on Nietzsche. It covers all the main themes of Nietzsche's philosophy and pays particular attention to Nietzsche's discussion of value and the need for a re-evaluation of values; his critique of metaphysics and the problem of knowledge; and his account of art and politics.


  • Robin Small (1983) Eternal Recurrence
  • Debra Bergoffen (1983) The Eternal Recurrence Again
  • Aaron Ridley (1997) Nietzsche's Greatest Weight
  • Richard White (1994) Zarathustra and the Progress of Sovereignty From the Overman to the Eternal Recurrence
  • Daniel Conway (1989) Overcoming the Ubermensch - Nietzsche's Revaluation of Values
  • Robin Roth (1991) Nietzsche's Use of Atheism
  • Alan White (1987) Nietzschean Nihilism - A Typology
  • Bernd Magnus (1986) Nietzsche's Philosophy in 1888: The Will to Power and the Ubermensch
  • Maudemarie Clark (1983) Nietzsche's Doctrines of the Will to Power
  • Hans Seigfried (1992) Nietzsche's Natural Morality
  • Eugene Newman (1982) The Meta-Moralism of Nietzsche
  • Robert Solomon (1985) A More Severe Morality - Nietzsche's Affirmative Ethics
  • Raymond Geuss (1994) Nietzsche and Genealogy
  • Robert Welshon (1992) Nietzsche's Peculiar Virtues and the Health of the Soul
  • Lester Hunt (1998) Why Democracy is an Enemy of Virtue
  • Alexander Nehamas (1983) How One Becomes what One is
  • David Booth (1985) Nietzsche on the Subject of Multiplicity
  • Nathan Oakland (1986) Nietzsche on Freedom
  • Kenneth Bruder (1983) Necessity and Becoming in Nietzsche
  • Erik Parens (1991) From Philosophy to Politics: On Nietzsche's Ironic Metaphysics of Will to Power
  • Tracy Strong (1985) Reflections on Perspectivism in Nietzsche
  • Nicholas Davey (1983) Nietzsche's Doctrine of Perspectivism
  • Stephen Hales and Robert Welshon (1994) Truth, Paradox and Nietzschean Perspectivism
  • Christoph Cox (1996) Being and its Others: Nietzsche's Revaluation of Truth
  • Richard White (1988) Art and the Individual in Nietzsche's Birth of Tragedy
  • Richard Schacht (1981) Nietzsche's Second Thoughts about Art
  • Wayne Klein (1996) Tragic Figures - Music and Image in Nietzsche's The Birth of Tragedy
  • Mark Warren (1985) Nietzsche and Political Philosophy
  • Maudemarie Clark (1999) Nietzsche's Anti-Democratic Rhetoric
  • Rosalyn Diprose (1989) Nietzsche, Ethics and Sexual Difference
  • Kathleen Higgins (1996) The Whip Recalled
  • Bernd Magnus (1991) Deconstruction Site - The Problem of Style in Nietzsche's Philosophy.

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