SPSS for Windows step by step : a simple guide and reference, 10.0 update



SPSS for Windows step by step : a simple guide and reference, 10.0 update

Darren George, Paul Mallery

Allyn and Bacon, c2001

3rd ed

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Includes bibliographical references (p. [364]-365) and index



This book is designed to simplify the process of data analysis using SPSS. The clarity of this book is established by extensive use of screen shots (more than 200), clear writing, and step-by-step boxes (more than 500) that show how to accomplish any procedure one step at a time. Students, even novices, can independently learn from this comprehensive and straightforward treatment.


1.An Overview of SPSS for Windows Step by Step. 2.SPSS Windows Processes: Mouse and Keyboard Processing, Frequently-Used Dialog Boxes, Editing Output, Printing Results. 3.Creating and Editing a Data File. 4.Managing Data: Listing Cases, Replacing Missing Values, Computing New Variables, Recoding Variables, Selecting Cases, Sorting Cases, Merging Files. 5.GRAPHS: Creating and Editing Graphs and Charts. 6.FREQUENCIES: Frequencies, Bar Charts, Histograms, Percentiles. 7.DESCRIPTIVE Statistics: Measures of Central Tendency, Variability, Deviation from Normality, Size, and Stability. 8.CROSSTABULATION and Chi-Square ( ... c2) Analysis. 9.The MEANS Procedure. 10.Bivariate CORRELATION: Bivariate Correlations, Partial Correlations, and the Correlation Matrix. 11.The T-TEST Procedure: Independent-Samples, Paired-Samples, and One-Sample Tests. 12.The One-Way ANOVA Procedure: One-Way Analysis of Variance. 13.General Linear Models: Two-Way Analysis of Variance. of Variance. 14.General Linear Models: Three-Way Analysis of Variance and the Influence of Covariates. 15.Simple Linear REGRESSION. 16.MULTIPLE REGRESSION ANALYSIS. 17.NONPARAMETRIC Procedures. 18.RELIABILITY ANALYSIS: Coefficient Alpha and split-half Reliability. 19.MULTIDIMENSIONAL SCALING. 20.FACTOR ANALYSIS. 21.CLUSTER ANALYSIS. 22.DISCRMINANT ANALYSIS 23.General Linear Models: Manova and Manova: Multivariate Analysis of Variance and Covariance. 24.General Linear Models: Repeated-Measures MANCOVA Multivariate Analysis of Variance with repeated measures and within-subjects factors. 25.LOGISTIC REGRESSION. 26.Hierarchical LOGLINEAR MODELS. 27. General LOGLINEAR MODELS. 28.RESIDUALS: Analyzing Left-Over Variance. Glossary. References. Index.

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