Hard disk drive servo systems



Hard disk drive servo systems

Ben M. Chen, Tong H. Lee and Venkatakrishnan Venkataramanan

(Advances in industrial control)

Springer, c2002

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This monograph provides a systematic treatment of the design of modern hard disk drive servo systems. In particular, it focuses on the applications of some newly developed results in control theory, i.e., robust and perfect tracking control and composite non-linear feedback control, which are suitable for track following and seeking, respectively. Emphasis is placed on hard disk drive servo systems with single- or dual-stage actuation using a voice-coil-motor actuator enhanced in the latter case by the addition of a micro-actuator, providing faster responses and therefore higher bandwidth in track following. Other issues such as disturbance rejection and resonance compensation are also addressed. The techniques and applications involved include: - time- and frequency domain methods for system identification; - linear system tools; - linear control techniques (PID, H2, H-infinity, and robust and perfect tracking control, and loop transfer recovery);- non-linear control techniques (time-optimal, proximate time-optimal and composite non-linear feedback control);- complete single- and dual stage hard disk drive servo systems; - track-following control of voice-coil-motor and dual actuators; - design of piezoelectric actuator systems.Hard Disk Drive Servo Systems should be of great value to practising engineers in the hard disk and CD-ROM drive industries and to researchers in areas related to servo systems.


  • Introduction and Preview
  • System Identification Techniques
  • Linear System Tools
  • Linear Control Techniques
  • Nonlinear Control Techniques
  • Track Following Control of Voice-Coil-Motor Actuator
  • Complete Single-Stage Hard Disk Drive Servo Systems
  • Design of a Piezoelectric Actuator System
  • Track Following Control of Dual Actuator
  • Complete Dual-Stage Hard Disk Drive Servo Systems
  • Disturbance Rejection and Resonance Compensation.

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