General principles of constitutional and administrative law



General principles of constitutional and administrative law

John Alder ; with contributions from Michael Haley, Barry Hough, Richard Mullender

(Palgrave law masters)

Palgrave, 2002

4th ed

  • : pbk

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 575-592) and index



This volume explains the basic legal principles of the UK constitution and places the law in the context of the main political ideas which have influenced its development. Presented in an accessible but critical way, the book discusses some of the most fundamental questions about government: how do we ensure that those who exercise power are accountable for their actions? and why should we entrust any group of people with the power to make binding laws and to use violence against us? The fourth edition has been thoroughly revised and restructured to make it more accessible, and updated to emphasize current controversial problems. It now includes the Freedom of Information Act 2000, the Wakeman Report on the House of Lords, reform of political parties, and the developing law under the Human Rights Act 1998.


  • Part One: General Principles
  • The Purpose of Constitutional Law
  • The Character of the UK Constitution
  • The Structure of the UK Constitution: an Overview
  • Constitutionalism: The Rule of Law and the Separation of Powers
  • Parliamentary Supremacy
  • Part Two: The Geographical Division of Powers
  • Devolved Powers
  • The UK Constitution and the European Union
  • Part Three: Governmental Institutions
  • Parliament
  • The Composition of Parliament
  • Parliamentary Procedure
  • The Crown
  • Ministers and Departments
  • The Police and the Armed Forces
  • Part Four: The Citizen and the State
  • Judicial Review of the Executive
  • Civil Liberties: General Principles
  • Freedom of Expression and Competing Private Interests
  • Public Order
  • Police Powers of Arrest and Search in the Investigation of Crime
  • National Security

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