Learning the law



Learning the law

by Glanville Williams

Sweet & Maxwell, 2002

12th ed / edited by A.T.H. Smith

大学図書館所蔵 件 / 7



Includes bibliographical references and index



For more than half a century, Learning the Law by Glanville Williams has made compulsory reading for every undergraduate law student in the common law world. Now under the editorship of Professor Smith, the 12th edition has been fully updated whilst retaining the distinctive features and individual style underpinning the success of previous editions. This new edition takes account of the changes in the English legal system, study methods and legal careers since the last edition in 1982. It introduces legal problems and describes how to tackle them, how to look up points of law and how to make best use of the time available to study.


Divisions of law. The mechanism of scholarship. The European dimension. Methods of study. Technical terms. Case law technique. Interpretation of statutes. Working out problems. Answering essay questions. The examination. Moots and mock trials. Legal research. From learning to earning. General reading.

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