Case studies in generalist practice



Case studies in generalist practice

Robert F. Rivas, Grafton H. Hull, Jr.

Brooks/Cole, c2000

2nd ed

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This text is a compilation of real cases submitted by social workers and faculty teaching social work courses. The cases help students understand how clients, issues, and agencies interact, noting how that understanding connects with the actual doing of generalist social work practice. The cases reflect a broad range of courses in the social work curriculum.


PART I: MICRO PRACTICE: WORK WITH INDIVIDUALS. 1. The Case of Trent, Iris Carlton-La Ney. 2. The Case of Trent Revisited: A Single Subject Research Design, Cathy King Pike. 3. The Young Bears, Barbara Jacobsen and Mike Jacobsen. 4. Nalani Ethel C.: Social Work with a Hawaiian Woman and Her Family, Noreen Mokuau. 5. Saundra Santiago, Dianne Strock-Lynskey and Theresa Gil. 6. The Case of Mrs. Miller: A Long Engagement, Earlie M. Washington. 7. Mr. Polanski, David N. Storm. 8. Self-Disclosure and Client Discrimination, Alicia R. Issac and Lettie L. Lockhart. 9. Late Night with Bea Rosen, Kay Hoffman and Mary Alice St. Clair. 10. Substance Abuse as Problem or Symptom: The Smith Family, Robert E. Weiler. PART II: MEZZO PRACTICE: FAMILIES AND GROUPS. 11. Personal Growth and Self-Esteem through Cultural Spiritualism: A Native American Experience, James Wahlberg. 12. In the Best Interest of the Child, Lettie L. Lockhart and Alicia R. Issac. 13. Between Two Worlds, Rupa Gupta. 14. Carmelita and Fernando, Gloria Aguilar. 15. Sally's Saga, Chuck Young. 16. Brad: Consequences of a Dysfunctional Family, H. Wayne Johnson. 17. A Visit to Dwight's Hollow, Jody Gottlieb and Linda Gottlieb. 18. No Mad Dog Looks: Group Work and Mediating Differences, Cynthia Buntain. 19. Deanna's Dilemma, Jannah Hurn Mather and Robert F. Rivas. 20. Ari and Simone: Notes from the Group, James Bembry and Betsy Vourlekis. PART III: MACRO PRACTICE: COMMUNITIES AND ORGANIZATIONS. 21. Project Homeless, Gloria Alexander. 22. Transitional Homes fr Youn Street Mothers, JoAnn Ray. 23. The Appointment Letters, Grafton J. Hull, Jr. 24. The Evergreen Boys Ranch: A Story About Jack and Diane, Robert F. Rivas. 25. The Willow River Developmental Disabilities Center, Dennis Eikenberry. 26. Generalist Practice at the Organizational Level: Participation, Partnership, and Process, Patricia Lockett and Joe Schriver. 27. Legal Regulation of Social Workers: BSWs and 1991 Wisconsin Act 160, Eileen De Grand Mershart. 28. Managing Margaret's Care, Kimberly Strom-Gottfried. 29. From Case to Cause: My Name is Jess Overton, Donna McIntosh. Appendix: General Questions to Assist in Case Analysis.

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