The changing nature of racial and ethnic conflict in United States history : 1492 to the present


The changing nature of racial and ethnic conflict in United States history : 1492 to the present

Leslie V. Tischauser

University Press of America, c2002

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Includes bibliographical references (p. [230]-236) and index



In The Changing Nature of Racial and Ethnic Conflict in United States History, Leslie Tischauser examines racial and ethnic violence throughout the history of the United States, from the arrival of Christopher Columbus, to the presidency of George W. Bush. Tischauser focuses on racial and ethnic violence independent of other historical themes. His aim is to provide discussion of an issue that many are normally reluctant to talk about- race and its impact on the development of American society. Many ethnic and racial groups are included in this study, from Native Americans, Spaniards, Hispanics, Aleuts, Asians, and Africans to Germans, Scotch-Irish, Irish, French Canadians and other European immigrants. According to Tischauser, viewing history from the point of view of what happened to these groups, over time, forces us to rethink the story of the American past, and what we think we know.


Chapter 1 Preface Chapter 2 Race and Ethnicity Chapter 3 The Spanish and the Indians: 1492-1848 Chapter 4 Indian-White Relations in North America: 1607-1851 Chapter 5 Slavery and Violence: 1619-1791 Chapter 6 A New Diversity in North America: 1607-1810 Chapter 7 From Slavery to Segregation: 1776-1896 Chapter 8 Racial Violence on the Frontier: 1800-1907 Chapter 9 Restricting Immigration: 1846-1929 Chapter 10 Violence in the Promised Land: 1900-1925 Chapter 11 Racial and Ethnic Injustice: 1925-1943 Chapter 12 The Attack on Segregation: 1943-1960 Chapter 13 The Challenge to Inequality: 1961-1968 Chapter 14 New Races and Renewed Violence: 1962-1990 Chapter 15 Beyond Race? Chapter 16 Bibliography Chapter 17 Index

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