Electronic books and epublishing : a practical guide for authors


Electronic books and epublishing : a practical guide for authors

Harold Henke

Springer, c2001

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 197-212) and index

One CD-ROM in pocket attached to inside back cover



Over the past few years the e-book has received much attention - the new generation of books can be downloaded from the Internet. Indeed, many publishing applications nowadays enable the production of electronic books. This book shows readers how to design electronic books using the book metaphor. The information presented is a culmination of the author's experience as an author and researcher. It contains valuable information gathered through user surveys, user focus groups, usability testing, and participation in industry groups and standards organisations. A definite must-have for anyone interested in the new generation of books.


1 : eBooks.- 1: evolution not Revolution.- Papyrus, Parchment, Paper, and eBooks.- From Gutenberg to Gates.- Is the Paper Book Dead?.- From pBook to eBook: Evolution not Revolution.- Goals of this Book.- 2: Once and Future History of eBooks.- Overview: Questions That Need Answers.- History of Electronic Books.- Memex.- Dynabook.- Superbook.- Sony Data Discman and Bookman.- Gemstar/NuvoMedia Rocket eBook.- Everybook Journal.- IBM BookManager.- Acrobat Reader.- Microsoft Reader.- Comparison of eBook Readers with pBooks.- Summary of the History of Electronic Books.- Electronic Book Definitions.- How eBooks are Used.- The Relationship between pBooks and eBooks.- Conceptual Use of Metaphor in eBook Design.- Studies on the Use of pBook Metaphors in eBooks.- Summary of the Relationship of eBooks to pBooks.- 3: Centering the User in the eBook Design.- Electronic Books and UCD.- Real World Users and Their Tasks.- Usability Test of an eBook.- Objectives.- Evaluation Method.- Participants.- Participant Summary.- Test Scenario and Tasks.- Start Tasks.- Operator Panel Tasks.- Hardware Tasks.- Retrievability Tasks.- Participant Satisfaction Summary.- Start Tasks.- Operator Panel Tasks.- Hardware Tasks.- Retrievability Tasks.- Task Completion Times.- Participant Comments.- Participant Interviews.- Recommendations from Usability Study.- User Preference for Finding Information in an eBook.- What Users Want.- 4: The Medium as Message: It's a Book.- What Should an eBook Look Like?.- What the Experts Think.- Definition of eBook Features.- Ranking of eBook Features.- Additional Features Suggested by the Experts.- Perfecting the Book.- Design Odds and Ends.- Fonts and Typefaces: Back in Black.- Display Typefaces.- Required Typefaces for Companies and Publishers.- Recommended Typefaces for eBooks.- Recommended Font Sizes.- Typeface Technology: CoolType and ClearType.- Legal Issues in Using Typefaces: Read the EULA.- Perfecting the eBook.- 2: ePublishing.- 5: Searching for Metadata.- Metadata: What Is It?.- What is the Importance of Metadata?.- Where Metadata is Already Used.- Microsoft Word and Metadata.- Acrobat and Metadata.- Metadata Standards: Three Key Sources.- Edituer: EPICS and ONIX Metadata.- Association of American Publishers: Metadata.- Open Electronic Book Forum: Metadata.- Example of Standard Metadata in OEBF Package.- Custom Metadata.- Example of Custom Metadata in the OEBF Package.- Identifying eBooks: Will Any Name Do?.- The Metadata ePublishing Highway.- 6: Protecting Content in a Digital Age.- Digital Rights Management.- Definition of Digital Rights Management.- Usage Rules for Real World Tasks.- Examples of Usage Rules.- Example of Everyday Use of DRM Technology.- Are Encryption and Usage Rules Always Needed?.- DRM: Issues.- Reversion of Rights to the Author.- User Privacy.- Super Distribution.- DRM: Traffic Signals of the ePublishing Highway.- DRM Resources.- Association of American Publishers.- Copyright Clearance Center.- Open Electronic Book Forum.- 7: A New Print Economy?.- Traditional Publishing: Old Economy?.- Old Economy Meets New Economy.- Time Warner.- Random House.- New Economy Meets Old Economy.- iBooks.- Fatbrain and MightyWords.- Old Economy: New Economy or Hybrid?.- Future Publishing Models.- Prevention Publishing Model.- Advertisement Publishing Model.- Marketplace Publishing Model.- Subscription Publishing Model.- Future Publishing: Author-Server-User Model.- Future Publishing: Personal and Subsidy.- Definitions of Personal and Subsidy Publishing.- Personal Publishing.- Subsidy or Vanity Publishing.- Barnes and Noble.- 1st Books.- Quality and ePublishing: Oxymoron?.- Quality Reviews.- 8: A View from the Gallery.- What the Experts Say.- Hubris or Passion?.- Question One: It's Been Tried Before, Why Now?.- Question Two: Evolution or Revolution?.- Question Three: A Question for Each Expert.- 9: Oligarchy of New Media.- Previous Medium Provides the New Medium.- Electronic Paper.- Benefits of Electronic Paper.- Design Goals of Electronic Paper.- Science Fiction or Fact?.- Textbooks: No More Backpacks.- Reasons Why Electronic Textbooks Will Succeed.- The Backpack May Not Go Away.- Xanadu and Beyond.- Book Views.- Book Tours.- Book Guides.- Books on Demand.- Use of Digital Printers.- Workflow Equals Savings.- Minimizing Risk in the Lifecycle of a Book.- Benefits for Authors and Publishers.- Customization of Books.- World Library of the Future.- New Library Models.- Librarians as Filters of the New Publishing Model.- Appendix A: Sorting through the Standards.- Importance of Standards: A Last Resort?.- Reader Wars.- Do Users Care About Standards?.- Are there Rules and Guidelines to Follow?.- OEBF Publication Structure: A Brief Tour.- Electronic Book Package.- Examples of OEBF Book Package Mark-up.- Keeping Up with the Standards.- Association of American Publishers (AAP).- Book Industry Communication.- Book Industry Study Group.- Editeur.- Electronic Book Exchange (EBX).- Open Electronic Book Forum (OEBF).- Appendix B: Keeping in Touch with the Industry.- Information Merry-Go-Round.- Public and Publishing Organizations.- Association of American Publishers (AAP).- Book Industry Communication.- Book Industry Study Group.- Brown University Scholarly Technology Group.- Copyright Clearance Center.- Editeur.- International eBook Award Foundation.- Library of Congress.- National Institute of Standards and Technology.- United States Copyright Office.- Industry Groups.- Open Electronic Book Forum (OEBF).- Print On Demand Initiative (PODI).- Academic and Individual Websites.- Chartula.- ebooknet.- ePublishing Connections.- Inkspot.- Journal of Electronic Publishing.- Journal of New Media.- PlanetPDF.- Appendix C: Creating eBooks with Microsoft Word.- Microsoft Reader.- Microsoft Reader Plug-in for Word.- Using the Microsoft Reader Plug-in for Word.- Suggested Reading.- Appendix D: Creating eBooks with Adobe Acrobat.- Acrobat Reader(s).- Acrobat Features and Advantages.- Acrobat Catalog.- Suggested Reading.

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