Migration and the externalities of European integration



Migration and the externalities of European integration

edited by Sandra Lavenex and Emek M. Uçarer

Lexington Books, c2002

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Migration and the Externalities of European Integration analyzes the extra-European dimension of the European Union's migration policies and the mechanisms developed to enforce the EU's policy decisions. While previous scholarship has tended to overlook the consequences of Europeanization on actors outside the EU, this work scrutinizes the foreign policy dimension in EU migration policies and highlights the Union's complex role as an international actor. Written by scholars of migration policy, the essays discuss the impact of EU asylum and refugee policy on Norway, Switzerland, Eastern Europe, and the Euro-Mediterranean region and the effect of migration on European immigration controls and welfare policy. This comprehensive treatment of transnational migration will be a valuable resource for students of international affairs, European integration, and international organization.


Part 1 Introduction: The Emergent EU Migration Regime and Its External Impact Chapter 2 Guarding the Borders of the European Union: Paths, Portals, and Prerogatives Chapter 3 European Asylum Policy and the Global Protection Regime: Challenges for UNHCR Chapter 4 Neither In nor Out: The Impact of EU Asylum and Immigration Policies on Norway and Switzerland Chapter 5 Larger than the European Union: The Emerging EU Migration Regime and Enlargement Chapter 6 Stabilizing the East while Keeping Out the Easterners: Internal and External Security Logics in Conflict Chapter 7 Aeneas's Route: Euro-Mediterranean Relations and International Migration Chapter 8 Immigration and Asylum Issues in EU-Turkish Relations: Assessing EU's Impact on Turkish Policy and Practice Chapter 9 Immigration and Asylum or Foreign Policy: The EU's Approach to Migrants and Their Countries of Origin Chapter 10 EU Trade Policy and Immigration Control Chapter 11 Citizenship and Inclusion in European Welfare States: The EU Dimension Chapter 12 The EU Migration Regime's Effects on European Welfare States Part 13 Conclusion: Ripples of European Integration: Modes and Consequences of Migration Policy Transfer

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