Napoleon's Italy


Napoleon's Italy

Desmond Gregory

Fairleigh Dickinson University Press , Associated University Presses, c2001

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 220-227) and index



This is the first book in English devoted to the history of Italy as a whole under the rule of Napoleon Bonaparte. Drawing largely on printed primary sources and the large number of secondary works that have been written in French and Italian, it seeks to present a balanced summary of conclusions reached by historians. Napoleon's Italy addresses the source of Napoleon's continued interest in Italy, exploring not only his apparent intentions with regard to the future of that country but the effect of fifteen years of Napoleonic rule. This book examines the impact of his continued interest in Italy on the country's economy in its various and diverse regions; on its legal, judicial, and administrative systems; and on Napoleon's use of Italy's conscripted armies. It assesses the degree of support and hostility his rule received, as well as the nature of the resistance to it. Finally, this book seeks to compute what sort of legacy Napoleon's rule has left behind in Italy. Desmond Gregory has published widely, including eight academic history books.

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