The Supporting processes



The Supporting processes

edited by Richard H. Thayer and Mark J. Christensen ; foreword by Dixie Garr

(Software Engineering, Volume 2)

IEEE Computer Society, c2002

2nd ed.

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This second volume on software engineering processes includes reprinted and newly authored papers that describe the supporting life cycle processes in a manner that can prepare individuals to take the IEEE Computer Society Certified Software Development Professional examination. Volume 2 details the eight supporting life cycle processes that developers need to employ and execute in the engineering of software products. This required support plays an integral part and has a distinct purpose that affects the overall success and quality of the software project. The eight supporting processes covered in this guide include the documentation, configuration management, quality assurance, verification, validation, joint review, audit, and problem resolution. In addition, this tutorial covers the four processes of the organizational life cycle. These are used to establish and implement an underlying structure made up of associated life cycle processes and personnel that will continuously improve upon the structure and process of the project. These organizational processes are management, infrastructure, improvement, and training. Each chapter in this book starts by introducing the subject, supporting papers, and standards. The backbone for this publication is IEEE/EIA Standard 12207-1997, Standard for Information Technology - Software Life Cycle Processes.


Foreword by Dixie Garr. Preface. Contributors. Chapter 1. Software Engineering Supporting Processes. The Software Life Cycle Processes Standard (Raghu Singh). Chapter 2. Software Configuration Management and Problem Resolution Processes. Elements of Software Configuration Management (Edward H. Bersoff). Software Configuration Management Plans. Chapter 3. Software Verification and Validation Processes. Software Verification and Validation (V&V). Software Verification and Validation. Chapter 4. Software Quality Assurance Process. Software Quality Assurance: A Survey of an Emerging View (Patricia W. Hurst). Software Quality Assurance Plans. Chapter 5. Software Reviews and Audits Processes. Reviews and Audits (John J. Marciniak). Software Inspections and the Cost Effective Production of Reliable Software (A. Frank Ackerman). Software Reviews. Chapter 6. Software Documentation Process. Software Documentation (Ian Sommerville). Software User Documentation. Chapter 7. Management Process. Software Engineering Management (Richard H. Thayer).Software Engineering Project Management (Richard H. Thayer). Software Cost Estimation (F.J. Heemstra). A Guidebook and Spreadsheet Tool for a Corporate Metrics Program (Ronald E. Nusenoff and Dennis C. Bunde). Risk Management for Software Development (Richard Fairley and Paul Rook). Chapter 8. Infrastructure Process. Alternative Software Life Cycle Models (Edward SR. Comer). A Spiral Model of Software Development and Enhancement (Barry W. Boehm). Evaluating Software Engineering Standards (Shari Lawrence Pfleeger, et al.). A Classification of CASE Technology. Developing Software Life Cycle Processes. Chapter 9. Improvement and Training Processes. The Capability Maturity Model for Software (Mark C. Paulk, et al.). Software Process Improvement (Robin B. Hunter). Planning and Effective Training Program (Paula S. Shafer). Education for Computing Professionals (David Lorge Parnas). Appendix A. Centralized IEEE Software Engineering Standards Glossary. Appendix B. Centralized IEEE Software Engineering Standards References. Appendix C. CSDP Examination Specification. Appendix D. CSDP Recommended References (Books). Appendix E. CSDP Online Preparation Guide (Papers). Appendix F. CSDP Examination Preparation Glossary. Editor's Biographies.

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