Federal intergovernmental grants and the states : managing devolution


Federal intergovernmental grants and the states : managing devolution

Shama Gamkhar

(Studies in fiscal federalism and state-local finance)

E. Elgar, c2002

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This book provides a long-term perspective on policies regarding intergovernmental grants in the US since the 1970s. This period spans six presidential administrations and encompasses a diverse set of political and economic conditions. Containing original research, this book contributes to critical assessments of intergovernmental grant issues such as: * whether state and local government spending responds symmetrically to increases or decreases in federal aid * the effects of converting categorical grants to block grants on program spending; and * the political economy of federal aid distribution. The author's empirical analyses are based on a unique data set of US federal intergovernmental grants and cover a range of programs, including transportation, substance abuse prevention and treatment, and community development and welfare. The book is a rich source of material on intergovernmental grants and fiscal relations for scholars and practitioners in public policy, political science, economics and public finance.


Contents: 1. Introduction Appendix 1. US Intergovernmental Grant Data and Sources 2. Asymmetric Responses to Increases and Decreases in Grants Appendix 2A. Response of State and Local Highway Spending to Increases and Decreases in Federal Highway Grants Appendix 2B. Asymmetric Responses in Economic Models 3. Federal Block Grants Implications for Spending Effort by States and Localities Appendix 3. The Effect of Federal Alcohol and Drug Abuse Block Grants on State and Local Government Spending: The Role of Federal Oversight 4. Political Economy of Grant Allocations: The Case of Federal Aid for Highways Appendix 4: Political Economy of Federal Aid for Highways Additional Empirical Results Index

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