A pocket reference for psychiatrists



A pocket reference for psychiatrists

Susan C. Jenkins, Timothy P. Gibbs, Sally R. Szymanski ; with contributors

American Psychiatric Press, c1990

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Includes index



This pocket-sized book is a compendium of tables and lists, designed to provide the clinician already familiar with psychiatry with information that is necessary in the daily practice of psychiatry, along with lists that the clinician might find useful as reminders in evaluation and treatment. The book is organized into sections on the psychiatric history, specialized interviews and assessments, psychology referrals, medical psychiatry, diagnostic procedures, psycho-pharmacology, chemical dependence and electro-convulsive therapy.


  • Part 1 General diagnostic information: psychiatric history - clinical evaluation, DSM-III-R classification
  • specialized interviews and assessments - assessment of potential for violence, chemical dependency interview, forensic psychiatry, psychiatric asessment of a child
  • psychology referrals - consultation and assessment
  • medical psychiatry - screening for drugs in serum and urine, indications for cerebral imagination of psychiatric patients
  • diagnostic procedures. Part 2 Therapies: psychopharmacology - antipsychotic drugs, antidepressant drugs
  • chemical dependence - cannabis, central nervous sytem depressants, central nervous system stimulants
  • electroconvulsive (ECT) - general considerations, ECT procedure guidelines, sample ECT consent form
  • format for hospital dismissal.

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