Heat transfer in single and multiphase systems


    • Naterer, Greg F.


Heat transfer in single and multiphase systems

Greg F. Naterer

(The mechanical engineering handbook series)

CRC Press, c2003

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Extensively revised and thoroughly updated, this popular text de-emphasizes high level mathematics in favor of effective, accurate modeling. Real-world examples amplify the theory and show how to use derived equations to model physical problems. Exercises that parallel the examples build readers' confidence and prepare them to confront the more complex situations they encounter as professionals.


INTRODUCTION Vector and Tensor Notations Fundamental Concepts and Definitions Eulerian and Lagrangian Descriptions Properties of a System Conductive Heat Transfer Convective Heat Transfer Radiation Heat Transfer Phase Change Heat Transfer Conservation of Energy Problems CONDUCTION HEAT TRANSFER Introduction One-Dimensional Heat Conduction Thermal and Contact Resistances Fins and Extended Surfaces Multidimensional Heat Conduction Graphical Solution Methods Analytical Methods Transient Heat Conduction Combined Transient and Spatial Effects References Problems CONVECTIVE HEAT TRANSFER Introduction Convection Governing Equations Velocity and Thermal Boundary Layers External Forced Convection Internal Forced Convection Free Convection Second Law of Thermodynamics Turbulence Modelling References Problems RADIATIVE HEAT TRANSFER Introduction Fundamental Processes and Equations Radiation Exchange Between Surfaces Thermal Radiation in Enclosures with Diffuse Gray Surfaces Solar Energy References Problems PHASE CHANGE HEAT TRANSFER Introduction Processes of Phase Change Mixture and Two-Fluid Formulations Interface Tracking References Problems GAS (VAPOR) - LIQUID SYSTEMS Introduction Boiling Heat Transfer Condensation Heat Transfer Devices with Vapor - Liquid Phase Change References Problems GAS - SOLID (PARTICLE) SYSTEMS Introduction Classification of Gas - Solid Flows Dynamics of Gas - Solid Flows Fluidized Beds References Problems LIQUID - SOLID SYSTEMS Introduction One-Dimensional Solidification and Melting Phase Change with Convection Phase Change with Coupled Heat and Mass Transfer Problems in Other Geometries Multi-Dimensional Solidification and Melting Dynamics of Liquid - Solid Flows Applications References Problems GAS -LIQUID - SOLID SYSTEMS Introduction Droplet Flows with Phase Change Gas Flows with Solidification and Melting Chemically Reacting Systems Multiphase Byproducts of Reacting Flows References Problems HEAT EXCHANGERS Introduction Tubular Heat Exchangers Cross-Flow and Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchangers Effectiveness - NTU Method of Analysis Condensers and Evaporators References Problems COMPUTATIONAL HEAT TRANSFER Finite Difference Methods Weighted Residual Methods Finite Element Method Hybrid Methods Numerical Methods for Other Applications Accuracy and Efficiency Improvements References Problems APPENDICES INDEX

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