Suburban sprawl : private decisions and public policy


Suburban sprawl : private decisions and public policy

Wim Wiewel and Joseph J. Persky, editors

(Cities and contemporary society)

M.E. Sharpe, c2002

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Suburban Sprawl combines historical, political, economic, geographic, and urban planning analysis to provide the most comprehensive overview of why and how urban sprawl occurs. It shows that all previous attempts to pin the blame on one or two causes - "highway building" or "consumer preferences" - totally miss the complex and interwoven character of public policy and private interests in creating today's urban form. The authors have included the detailed analyses of expenditures which show that federal housing subsidies have contributed significantly to sprawl in the post-war period, as well as a comprehensive overview of policies that can be used to reduce sprawl or reduce its negative consequences. This book will inform the growing policy community involved in regionalism and the general urban policy community. It can also be assigned in undergraduate and graduate level classes in urban sociology, geography, urban politics, and urban planning.


  • 1. Public Works and Land Use Policies: The Importance of Public Infrastructure in Chicago's Metropolitan Development, 1830-1970, Bonnie Lindstrom
  • 2. Urban Land Cover Change in Northeastern Illinois: A Landsat View from 1972 to 1997, Y.Q. Wang
  • 3. Property Taxes, Schools, and Sprawl, Richard F. Dye and Therese J. McGuire
  • 4. Land Use Planning Tools in Illinois: Preventing or Promoting Sprawl? Jean M. Templeton
  • 5. Transportation in the Chicago Metropolitan Region Since 1970, Joseph DiJohn
  • 6. Commercial Motor Carrier Operations in the Northeast Illinois Region: Impacts on Land Use Trends Since 1970, Pyushimita Thakuriah
  • 7. The Role of Regional Planning Agencies in Suburban Deconcentration, Bonnie Lindstrom
  • 8. Housing Policy and Urban Sprawl in the Chicago Metropolitan Region, Charles J. Orlebeke
  • 9. Employment Subcenters and Subsequent Real Estate Development in Suburban Chicago, John F. McDonald and Daniel P. McMillen
  • 10. High Technology Employment Concentration and Urban Sprawl in the Chicago Metropolitan Area, Daniel Felsenstein
  • 11. The Impact of Federal and State Expenditures on Residential Land Absorption: A Quantitative Case Study - Chicago, Joseph Persky, Haydar Kurban, and Thomas W. Lester
  • 12. New Federal and State Policies for Metropolitan Equity, Wim Wiewel and Kim Schaffer

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