Sixth International Conference on Engineering for Profit from Waste, 13-14 November 2001, IMechE Headquarters, London, UK



Sixth International Conference on Engineering for Profit from Waste, 13-14 November 2001, IMechE Headquarters, London, UK

organized by the Energy, Environment, and Sustainability Group of the Mechanical Sciences and Technologies Division of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) ; sponsored by Biffa

(IMechE conference transactions, 2001-9)

Professional Engineering Publishing Limited fot the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, 2001

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Engineering for Profit from Waste VI brings together a collection of reviewed papers that highlight opportunities for new products, technologies, systems and operating techniques, and their implementation. This volume provides examples of current technologies, on-going research and development, and feedback from case studies. Topics covered include: Incineration Pyrolysis Alternatives Materials recovery Organic processes This book provides an update in new legislation and regulations, alternative methods of waste management with emphasis on energy recovery, and current and competitive technologies.


Keynote Address C598/033/2001 Integrating management of wastes D Hazell 3 Incineration C598/012/2001 Madrid integrated waste processing facility - sorting, composting, ROWITEC[registered] fluidized bed incineration G Lischke and E Lehmann 13 C598/007/2001 Experience with power generation from waste E I M Arbon and P C Darley 31 C598/009/2001 Combustion of MBM - the environmental solution K Findlay 53 Pyrolysis C598/001/2001 Activated carbons and high value chemicals from the pyrolysis of scrap tyres P T Williams, A Brindle, and A M Cunliffe 69 C598/008/2001 Pyrolisis of shredder residue to recover valuable material K S Williams, L McGrady, and M K Harder 81 C598/023/2001 Coalite tyre services pyrolysis process D J Goucher 91 Alternatives C598/019/2001 Waste-to-energy combined cycle plant T Stenhede 103 C598/024/2001 Using waste derived fuels in cement manufacture R W F Boarder 121 C598/022/2001 Designing processes and products to minimize wastes produced T Cochrane and J A Smith 137 C598/020/2001 Efficient utilization of waste materials H Palmen and S Hulkkonen 149 C598/028/2001 Municipal solid waste - incineration and gasification routes compared A Porteous 157 Materials Recovery C598/011/2001 Proving the principle - recovery of plastics from shredded ELVs M M Singh, K S Williams, R Hooper, and M K Harder 181 C598/004/2001 Waste management of small arisings - a case study based upon Furness, Cumbria J H Aubrey, G J Collins, L M Shore, and K C Weaver 191 C598/005/2001 Case studies to assist integrating waste prevention in product design C Ciantar, M Hadfield, and G Howarth 201 C598/002/2001 A flexible and reliable solid waste pre-treatment method for maximum resource recovery, biological processing, and thermal recovery M Distelmans and S D Martin 211 C598/014/2001 Profit from plastic R Hooper, M K Harder, and A K N Potter 225 C598/016/2001 Landfill disposal - trends from the last five years and an integrated option for timber waste M K Harder, M L Bench, and R Woodard 233 C598/029/2001 The sustainable recycling of timber waste - a case study, College Timber Recycling, Manchester M Egerton and A Urquhart 243 Organic Processes C598/025/2001 Review of composting practices in the UK R A Slater, J Frederickson, and E J Gilbert 257 C598/006/2001 Profit from waste using systematic innovation methods D Mann 269 C598/030/2001 Waste research for changing needs A van Santen 279 Authors' Index 287

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