Folsom lithic technology : explorations in structure and variation


Folsom lithic technology : explorations in structure and variation

edited by Daniel S. Amick

(Archaeological series, 12)

International Monographs in Prehistory, c1999

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This book offers a series of studies focused on the analysis of stone tool technology of the Folsom Culture, bison-hunting inhabitants of the North American prairie grasslands during the terminal Pleistocene. Recent work on Folsom lithic assemblages has revealed considerable complexity in the factors that generated similarities and differences in Folsom chipped stone economy, beyond simply the manufacturing sequence and technique of fluting Folsom projectile points. The analyses presented here use comparative methods to identify patterns of lithic assemblage structure and variation that provide insights into the organization of Folsom technology and lifeways, considering multiple aspects of Folsom technology including: tool manufacture and reduction system modeling, studies of raw material variation, use-wear, technological variation in weaponry assemblages, and the organization of technology. They thus contribute substantially to a growing understanding of the patterns and processes in Folsom technology and the causes of diversity within Folsom lithic assemblages.


  • Contents: Daniel S. Amick, New Approaches to Understanding Folsom Lithic Technology
  • Michael B. Collins, Clovis and Folsom Lithic Technology on and near the Southern Plains: Similar Ends, Different Means
  • Don. G. Wyckoff, Southern Plains Folsom Lithic Technology: A View from the Edge
  • Toby A. Morrow and Juliet E. Morrow, On the Fringe: Folsom Points and Preforms in Iowa
  • Hugo G. Nami, The Folsom Biface Reduction Sequence: Evidence from the Lindenmeier Collection
  • Eric E. Ingbar and Jack L. Hofman, Folsom Fluting Fallacies
  • Leland C. Bement, View from a Kill: The Cooper Site Folsom Lithic Assemblages
  • Jack L. Hofman, Folsom Fragments, Site Types and Prehistoric Behavior
  • Matthew J. Root, Jerry D. William, Marvin Kay and Lisa K. Shifrin, Folsom Ultrathin Biface and Radial Break Tools in the Knife River Flint Quarry Area
  • Daniel S. Amick, Raw Material Variation in Folsom Stone Tool Assemblages and the Division of Labor in Hunter-Gatherer Societies
  • Alan J. Osborn, From Global Models to Regional Patterns: Possible Determinants of Folsom Hunting Weapon Design, Diversity, and Complexity

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