Human rights in Russia and Eastern Europe : essays in honor of Ger P. van den Berg


Human rights in Russia and Eastern Europe : essays in honor of Ger P. van den Berg

edited by Ferdinand Feldbrugge and William B. Simons

(Law in Eastern Europe, no. 51)

Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, c2002

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The introduction of a market economy in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe required an enormous legislative effort, in order to create the regulatory framework for a vast array of new economic activities. The resulting statutory materials in turn gave rise to numerous books and articles, by domestic lawyers from the countries concerned, as well as by foreign scholars. By comparison, the other part of the legal diptych - the establishment of the rule of law - has received less attention from academic commentators. The purpose of this volume is to correct the balance to some extent, especially by looking at various aspects of legal reform through the prism of human rights. The legal implementation of a respect for human rights turns out to be an even more comprehensive and pervasive enterprise than creating the legal framework for a market economy. A number of important areas of law are highlighted in this volume; the emphasis is, although not exclusively, on the Russian Federation.


List of Contributors Preface, F. Feldbrugge, W.B. Simons "Capital Punishment in Russia", D. Barry "The Treatment of Anti-Constitutional Parties in Eastern Europe", G. Brunner "Rights, Contracts and Constitutional Courts: The Experience of Russia", R.I. Dragneva, W.B. Simons "Human Rights in Russian Legal History", F. Feldbrugge "The Constitutional Principles of Bona Fides and Impermissibility of the Abuse of Subjective Rights", G.A. Gadzhiev "The Extradition of Political Offenders Between Russia and Georgia", G. Ginsburgs "How Right Are Economic and Social Rights? The Interaction Between Law and Economics in Human Rights", J. de Kort "European Spaces: The Eastern Schengen Border and the Societies "In-Between"", J. Lowenhardt "Property Rights as Human Rights: A Post-Communist Paradigm?", K. Malfliet "The Constitutional Right to a Favorable Environment and the New Law on the Protection of the Environment: Problems of Environmental Review", H. Oda "On the Inequality of the Vote in the Russian Federation's State Duma Elections", H. Oversloot "Planned Politics: The Russian Law on Political Parties", R. Verheul Index

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