The Robert Louis Stevenson treasury


The Robert Louis Stevenson treasury

compiled by Alanna Knight

Shepheard-Walwyn, 1985

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Bibliography: p357-359

Maps on lining papers



A comprehensive and entertaining volume of Stevensonian scholarship. From A to Z are the people he knew, his friends and family, his enemies and those who wrote about him with flattery or malice. Stevenson's response to the social questions of his time are recorded and his reactions, pleasant and unpleasant, to the places he visited in Britain, Fr ance, Switzerland, the United States, Australia and the South Seas. As well as a bibliography of everything he wrote - novels, short stories, essays, poems and letters, there are prefaces and dedications, historical notes and anecdotes, delightful, often poignant, of how certain books came to be written. There are separate indexes to his five volumes of letters, and the first lines of his poems, an alphabetical list of fictional characters and places from his novels and a listing of films, television and radio programmes of his works or about him.


  • People, places and the printed word
  • unpublished manuscripts
  • fictional characters and places
  • index of letters from Stevenson
  • index of poems and musical settings
  • films, television and radio
  • classified list of Stevenson's published work
  • further reading.

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