Human rights, the citizen and the state : South African and Irish approaches


Human rights, the citizen and the state : South African and Irish approaches

Jeremy Sarkin and William Binchy, editors

Round Hall Sweet & Maxwell, 2001

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Human Rights, the Citizen and the State is a collection of essays written by Trinity Law School Lecturers, Irish High Court Judges and a number of South African academics. Themes examined include, the role of national human rights institutions in Post-Apartheid South Africa, the incorporation of international law into Irish domestic law, sentencing practice in Ireland and South Africa, and the justiciability of economic rights. It will be of interest to all those concerned with human rights and civil liberties.


A Historical Approach to Constitutional Interpretation - Dr Gerard Hogan. The Role of National Human Rights Institutions in Post-Apartheid South Africa- Professor Jeremy Sarkin. The Irish Constitution: A Historical Introduction- Mr Justice McCracken. The Incorporation of International Law into Irish Domestic Law- Dr Clive Symmons. The Ombudsman in Ireland - Professor David Gwynn Morgan. An Overview of the transformation of Local Government - Dr. Jaap de Vissel. Electoral Law, Referenda and the Courts: "Treading Delicately" - Mr Justice Budd. Environmental Law in Ireland and South Africa - Professor Yvonne Scannell. In the Area of Women's Rights in South Africa: Focus on Domestic Violence and Femicide - Dr Waheeda Amien. The Right to Freedom from Violence and the Reform of Sexual Assault Law in South Africa - Dr Helene Combrinck. Sentencing Practice in Ireland and South Africa - Professor Ivana Bacik. Implications of the Trade and Development Co-Operation Agreement with Specific Reference to the Justiciability of Economic Rights in a Municipal Framework: The South African and European Position - Dr Patricia Leneghan. Open Democracy Legislation - Implementation Policies and Possibilities - Ms Estelle Feldman. Irish Defamation Law and the Freedom of Speech - Professor William Binchy.

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