The 2000 census : interim assessment



The 2000 census : interim assessment

Panel to review the 2000 census ; Constance F. Citro, Daniel L. Cork and Janet L. Norwood, editors

National Academy Press, c2001

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Includes bibliographical references (p.215-221)

Committee on National Statistics. Division of Behavioral and Social Science and Education. National Research Council



This volume contains the full text of two reports: one is an interim review of major census operations, which also assesses the U.S. Census bureau's recommendation in March 2001 regarding statistical adjustment of census data for redistricting. It does not address the decision on adjustment for non-redistricting purposes. The second report consists of a letter sent to William Barron, acting director of the Census Bureau. It reviews the new set of evaluations prepared by the Census Bureau in support of its October decision. The two reports are packaged together to provide a unified discussion of statistical adjustment and other aspects of the 2000 census that the authoring panel has considered to date.


  • 1 Front Matter
  • 2 Part I: Letter Report
  • 3 Part II: Interim Report
  • 4 Executive Summary
  • 5 1. Introduction
  • 6 2. Evaluation Issues
  • 7 3. Census Operations: Overview
  • 8 4. Census Operations: Assessment
  • 9 5. Demographic Analysis
  • 10 6. Accuracy and Coverage Evaluation: Overview
  • 11 7. Accuracy and Coverage Evaluation: Assessment
  • 12 8. Imputations and Late Additions
  • 13 Appendix A: Census Operations
  • 14 Appendix B: Mail Returns
  • 15 Appendix C: A.C.E. Operations
  • 16 Glossary
  • 17 References
  • 18 Biographical Sketches of Panel Members and Staff

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