Australia : the land down under


Australia : the land down under

text by Jill Gocher

Times Editions, c1999

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From the green lushness of tropical rainforests to the blinding white light of blistering, dry deserts; from sun-drenched, golden beaches to rugged mountain ranges, Australia is a place of striking contrasts. Home of Crocodile Dundee, kangaroos and cuddly koalas, this immense continent of over 18 million inhabitants presents a panoply of diverse scenes and lifestyle. Aussie city residents lead fast-paced cosmopolitan lifestyles while bush dwellers live a slower pace, more in keeping with the land. Even its cityscapes are varied - from the great city of towering concrete and glass that is Sydney, where all roads lead to the beach and its sun-worshippers, to the more conservative Melbourne with its magnificent late 19th century architecture and marvellous restaurants. Despite the pressures of a modern Western society, the average Australian enjoys his leisure with days filled with sport, eating and relaxing with a beer or a glass of excellent Aussie wine whilst retaining the long-standing values of hospitality and warm sense of humour. For a long time Australia was tied to the umbilical cord of the 'mother country', and some Australians still think of England as home. Today this young vibrant nation, conscious of its position in the Western Pacific, is striking an independent path for itself, unbound by historical restraints. The book offers evocative text combined with a colourful mosaic of scenes, impressions and moods captures the unique charms and wonder of this splendid land.

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