SportsTech : revolutionary fabrics, fashion and design


    • O'Mahony, Marie
    • Braddock, Sarah


SportsTech : revolutionary fabrics, fashion and design

Marie O'Mahony and Sarah Braddock

Thames & Hudson, 2002

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 189) and index



This excitingly illustrated book describes the new fabrics (including those made of metal, glass or ceramic yarns) developed for specialist sportswear - and how these are now being eagerly taken up by fashion. Packed with information, textual and visual, this cutting edge survey also includes a detailed glossary of technical terms and a director of designers and manufacturers. No aficionado of either sport or fashion will be able to resist it; all design professionals will find it essential reading.


  • Introduction
  • 1. The Sporting Culture - how sportswear has influenced 20th-century fashion and lifestyle, from Coco Chanel to Ralph Lauren. How fabrics, design, colours and logos have crossed over to everyday wear
  • 2. High Performance Fabrics - how protective and high-performance materials, developed for space exploration, the military and the industry, have been refined for sport
  • 3. Designing for Speed and Comfort - new design processes and techniques borrowing ideas (eg, waterproof seams) from ethnic clothes, and from designs in nature
  • 4. Fashion Follows Function - from haute couture catwalk to edgy urban streetstyle Glossary of Technical Terms - Directory of Addresses - Biographies of Makers

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