Information systems evaluation management


    • Van Grembergen, Wim
    • Information Resources Management Association International Conference


Information systems evaluation management

Wim van Grembergen

IRM Press, c2002

  • : pbk.

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The evaluation of IT and its business value are recently the subject of many academic and business discussions, as business managers, management consultants and researchers regularly question whether and how the contribution of IT to business performance can be evaluated effectively. Investments in IT are growing extensively and business managers worry about the fact that the benefits of IT investments might not be as high as expected. This phenomenon is often called the IT investment paradox or the IT Black Hole: larges sums are invested in IT that seem to be swallowed by a large black hole without rendering many returns. Information Systems Evaluation Management discusses these issues among others, through its presentation of the most current research in the field of IS evaluation. It is an area of study that touches upon a variety of types of businesses and organization - essentially all those who involve IT in their business practices.

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