Mediation career guide : a strategic approach to building a successful practice


Mediation career guide : a strategic approach to building a successful practice

Forrest S. Mosten

Jossey-Bass, c2001

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In this definitive guide, Forrest Mosten----an internationally recognized mediation expert----helps would--be mediators answer the critical question "Do I have the values, skills, personality, and commitment necessary to mediate?" A comprehensive resource, the book also explores a wealth of timely topics including the need to establish standards of the profession, how to maintain confidentiality, the pros and cons of co--mediation, and the place of mediation in the process of court and law reform. Straightforward and reader--friendly, the Mediation Career Guide is filled with practice tips, self--surveys, diagrams, reading resources, a list of training programs and volunteer opportunities, budget forms, and model standards of conduct. This hands--on resource is designed to make the challenging journey of becoming a peacemaker a one--step--at--a--time manageable process.


  • Preface
  • PART ONE: Is Mediation Right for You?
  • 1. Can Mediation Be Your Day Job?
  • 2. Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Mediator?
  • 3. Can You Do the Work?
  • 4. Education and Training
  • 5. Job Opportunities in Mediation
  • PART TWO: Building Your Career as a Mediator
  • 6. Creating Your Mediation Signature
  • 7. Expanding Your Mediation Services
  • 8. Defining Your Target Market
  • 9. Creating a Mediation-Friendly Environment
  • PART THREE: The Nuts and Bolts of Private Practice
  • 10. Setting Up Your Office
  • 11. Strategic Planning and Investing in Yourself
  • 12. Managing Your Practice
  • 13. Marketing Your Practice Effectively
  • 14. What Do You Do Next Monday?
  • EPILOGUE: The Evolving Field of Mediation
  • APPENDIX 1: Mediator Self-Survey
  • APPENDIX 2: Professional Standards and Model Legislation
  • APPENDIX 3: Mediation Training and Educational Programs
  • APPENDIX 4: Books and Resources
  • APPENDIX 5: Mediation Organizations
  • APPENDIX 6: Sample Opportunities in Conflict Resolution
  • APPENDIX 7: Sample Budget Forms
  • APPENDIX 8: Sample Practice Forms
  • APPENDIX 9: Mediation Pledge
  • Notes
  • About the Author
  • Index

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