The new nonprofit almanac and desk reference : the essential facts and figures for managers, researchers, and volunteers


The new nonprofit almanac and desk reference : the essential facts and figures for managers, researchers, and volunteers

Murray S. Weitzman ... [et al.]

(The Jossey-Bass nonprofit and public management series)

Jossey-Bass, c2002

1st ed


The new nonprofit almanac & desk reference

The nonprofit almanac

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"Independent Sector, Urban Institute"--Cover

"Since the first edition of 'The nonprofit almanac' was published in 1984, ... The new nonprofit almanac and desk reference, now in its sixth edition ..."-- P. xix

Includes bibliographical references and index



The New Nonprofit Almanac and Desk Reference is a completely revised version of the INDEPENDENT SECTOR'S landmark publication. This accessible, user-friendly new edition of The Almanac produced jointly by INDEPENDENT SECTOR and the National Center for Charitable Statistics at the Urban Institute, provides key data, high-quality information, and insightful trend analysis about the nonprofit sector as a whole. This comprehensive volume defines the size and scope of the independent sector and compares it with the business and government sectors. The Almanac includes vital information about the number of organizations in the sector, the income originating from the independent sector, and the value of volunteers. It also analyzes statistical information about the number of people employed, their share of total wages and salaries, and general employment trends in the independent sector. This must-have reference includes an overview of the total private contributions from individuals, foundations, and corporations and offers analyses of current giving trends and the effect of tax laws. It estimates the income derived from three major sources-- private giving, government payments and private payments-- and includes information on how the funding is distributed. The Almanac contains detailed financial information on reporting organizations and public charities as processed and analyzed by the National Center for Charitable Statistics at the Urban Institute from the newly created GuideStar/NCCS Nonprofit Database.This latest edition-which is the sixth in the series-provides chapter summaries with quick, fingertip facts and includes useful references to other nonprofit websites and government data sources.


List of Tables. List of Figures. Foreword (Sara Melendez and Elizabeth Boris). Introduction. Acknowledgments. Overview and Executive Summary: The State of the Independent Sector. PART 1: THE SIZE OF THE INDEPENDENT SECTOR. 1. Defining the Independent Sector and Its Place in the National Economy. What Is the Independent Sector? Growth in the Number of Organizations Among the Major Sectors. Share of National Income Among the Major Sectors. Employment in the Major Sectors. Earnings from Work in the Major Sectors. Relationship Between Expenditures of the Independent Sector and theAmerican Population. Independent Sector s Share of Total Services and Personal Consumption. 2. Employment Trends in the Independent Sector. Employment Patterns in the Independent Sector. Employment Trends by Subsector. Trends in Wages and Salaries by Subsector. Employment Trends by Gender, Race, and Ethnicity in the Independent Sector. 3. Trends in Private Giving. Total Private Giving. Giving by Individuals. Giving by Foundations. Giving by Corporations. 4. The Financial Trends and Condition of the Independent Sector. Trends in Total Revenue for the Independent Sector. Financial Trends in Health Services. Financial Trends in Education and Research Organizations. Financial Trends in Religious Organizations. Financial Trends in Social and Legal Services. Financial Trends in Arts and Cultural Organizations. Financial Trends in Other Subsectors. Variations in Financial Trends Among Subsectors. PART 2: A DETAILED LOOK AT REPORTING PUBLIC CHARITIES. 5. The Distribution and Finances of Public Charities. What Are Reporting Public Charities? Reporting Public Charities by Size and Age. Reporting Public Charities by Type and Age. Finances of Reporting Public Charities, 1998. Growth in the Number and Finances of Reporting Public Charities, 1992 1998. Trends in Reporting Public Charities by Major Subsector. Geographical Distribution of Reporting Public Charities. Financial Trends in Reporting Public Charities by State. RESOURCES. A: National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities Core Codes (NTEE-CC) for the Nonprofit Sector. B: Technical Notes. C: Key Data Sources and Web Sites on the Nonprofit Sector. D: Glossary of Terms. Index.

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