Making policy, making change : how communities are taking law into their own hands


    • Themba, Makani N.


Making policy, making change : how communities are taking law into their own hands

Makani N. Themba

Chardon Press, c1999

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 169) and index



Throughout the country, activists are making change and getting it in writing. Read how community groups have successfully developed and promoted more than 1,000 local policies that have: limited alcohol and tobacco billboards and liquor stores in low-income communities; won higher wages and more rights for workers under public contract; held corporations accountable for environmental damage; and brought youth into the policy-setting process. By using case studies that focus on community organizing campaigns that created local policy, Themba provides an invaluable guidebook for activists. Written for social activists, community organizers, and students of social and public policy, she offers cogent and clear insights into how these successes can be translated to other social justice organizing.


Foreword vii Acknowledgments ix Introduction 1 1 Time to Share the Burden: Toward Institution-Focused Intervention 13 2 An Agenda of Substance: Grassroots Efforts to Reduce Alcohol and Tobacco Problems 25 3 Making More Pie: Local Initiatives that Increase Resources and Institutional Accountability 50 4 Plotting A Course: Lessons from the Front Lines 81 5 Talking Policy: Media and the Message 117 6 Looking Ahead: Reflections and Recommendations 143 Notes 161 Useful Books 169 Resources 170 Index 172

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