Mass media and drug prevention : classic and contemporary theories and research


Mass media and drug prevention : classic and contemporary theories and research

edited by William D. Crano, Michael Burgoon

(Claremont Symposium on Applied Social Psychology)

Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2002

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Includes bibliographical references and indexes



This book tells the story of the mass media's potential in the war against drug abuse. It is based on scientific evidence on the use of media in health promotion and disease prevention. Past approaches--successes and failures alike--are included to help enlighten future programs of research and practice. Advice about the logical steps that must be taken to help alleviate the crisis of drug abuse is featured throughout. The book will appeal to social scientists interested in persuasion and the media Each chapter offers information to help the conscientious practitioner maximize persuasive effects of a mass-mediated presentation.


Contents: A.I. Leshner, Foreword. W.D. Crano, M. Burgoon, Preface. Part I:Introduction, Early Theories, and Research. W.D. Crano, Introduction. E.A. Wartella, P.A. Stout, The Evolution of Mass Media and Health Persuasion Models. C. Atkin, Promising Strategies for Media Health Campaigns. Part II:Contemporary Theories and Research. M. Burgoon, E.M. Alvaro, K. Broneck, C. Miller, J.R. Grandpre, J.R. Hall, C.A. Frank, Using Interactive Media Tools to Test Substance Abuse Prevention Messages. M. Fishbein, J. Cappella, R. Hornik, S. Sayeed, M. Yzer, R.K. Ahern, The Role of Theory in Developing Effective Anti-Drug Public Service Announcements. L. Donohew, P. Palmgreen, E. Lorch, R. Zimmerman, N. Harrington, Attention, Persuasive Communication, and Prevention. J.R. Priester, Sex, Drugs, and Attitudinal Ambivalence: How Feelings of Evaluative Tension Influence Alcohol Use and Safe Sex Behaviors. J.T. Siegel, J.K. Burgoon, Expectancy Theory Approaches to Prevention: Violating Adolescent Expectations to Increase the Effectiveness of Public Service Announcements. M. Eisen, Intermediate Outcomes From a Life Skills Education Program With a Media Literacy Component. Part III:Summing Up. S.I. Donaldson, High-Potential Mediators of Drug-Abuse Prevention Program Effects. J.H. Derzon, M.W. Lipsey, A Meta-Analysis of the Effectiveness of Mass Communication for Changing Substance-Use Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behavior. G.W. Selnow, The Media and Drug Prevention Programs.

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